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Wondering what to do during your long summer break? Maybe you’re getting a little bored and need some ideas of things to do? Well I’ve came up with a list of 3 things to do in the St. Louis area during your break and they’re free!

1. Take a walk through the beautiful Forest Park. I’ve blogged about Forest Park before so you can be sure that it’s a great place to go! Forest Park is roughly 1,200 acres and is absolutely gorgeous! I often take walks with my friends throughout the park and the scenery is always spectacular.

2. The Missouri History Museum is another great place to visit and the fact that admission is free just makes it even better! Sometimes special exhibits cost so beware of that, but general admission is free. There are ancient artifacts and amazing displays that will make you feel like you’re back in another era.

3. A third place I recommend is the St. Louis Zoo. Similar to the History Museum, general admission is free, but special exhibits or attractions do cost. General admission in the Zoo will give you access to see all your favorite animals including lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!

All 3 of these places are great to go to if you find yourself a little restless during summertime. I know I’ll be going to each one during my break!



Fontbonne is a couple minutes away from one of St. Louis’ greatest achievements; Forest Park. Forest Park is a beautiful park that many locals adore, including myself!

The park sits on a little over 1,200 acres and is actually larger than Central Park in New York. Throughout Forest Park you’ll find rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and quite a few attractions. It is home to the History Museum, Art Museum, the Muny, the Science Center, and the Zoo. Both the History and Art Museums and the Zoo are free admission, which a is awesome for college students!

I love spending time at Forest Park, whether its walking around the sprawling park or going to a museum. I recommend a visit to Forest Park at least once, but if you’re a local, you should make a visit a weekly habit! Just walking around can be a great stress reliever, especially with finals coming up!

Below: A photo of the fountains near the Art Museum.




Hello to everyone reading this blog!

This is my first blog for this semester and there is good reason for why that is.

Let’s just say that I’m SUPER involved here at Fontbonne and keeping up with everything can be quite challenging.

Don’t get me wrong though, school is challenging enough, and as a Speech-Language Pathology Major and a Psychology Minor, I have more than enough schoolwork to do.

However, I cannot help but stay involved on campus in some way.

It can be tedious work, but I get a lot out of it.

For example, my personal development has gone through much change since I first came to Fontbonne roughly 2 years ago (I cannot believe I’m a Junior already!).

Plus, it makes for great Fontbonne memories.

Just this month, I’ve already….

Helped with events such as Sibs Weekend with FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board).

Attended the Best of Missouri Market at the Missouri Botanical Garden with Environmental Club.

Made guacamole for and attended the FISA (Fontbonne International Students Association) Potluck.

Help put together a Comedy Night with FAB featuring celebrity Ross Mathews and comedian Taylor Williamson.

Helped with facilitating a Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt with RHA (Residence Hall Association) and CAB (Commuter Advisory Board).

And the month is only almost halfway through!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go prepare for my next class along with preparing for the RHA meeting that I’ll be running soon!

Peace, Love, and Penguin!


Happy Commuter Week, everyone!

Commuting is the way to be this week, as the Commuter Advisory Board is pulling out all the stops with its (relative) plethora of events to celebrate all those who don’t operate out of a dorm room.  This is CAB’s first year as an activities-based group rather than merely an outlet for diatribes about parking, and Commuter Week will test out the new administration (i.e., me with lots of help from Brent Hickenbottom, the club’s adviser.  I’ll be the first to admit it’s an autocracy.  Trust me, though, I’m definitely working on this, mostly because I’m tired of doing so much work.).  All this is pretty exciting, but by “exciting,” I mean “thrilling and terrifying and exhausting, all at the same time.”

Here’s the schedule:

Monday: Commuter Breakfast from 8:30 – 10:00 in the Griffin’s Nest, Tricycle Races in the DSAC at 12:00, where the grand prize is a $50 gas card.

Tuesday: Commuter Breakfast

Wednesday:  Commuter Breakfast, Commuter Dinner with food from the Pasta House

Thursday: Commuter Breakfast – Brent and Janelle Densberger, the Director of Student Activities, will be flipping pancakes for everyone!

Friday: Commuter Breakfast

Saturday: A joint production by CAB and the Residence Hall Association:  Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt!  We’re meeting in the AMC at 1 p.m., and will carpool over to the Zoo for the scavenger hunt!  Bring a digital camera and a cord to connect it to a laptop, if you have one!

Then, on Monday, October 10th, we’ll be having the first official CAB meeting of the year! CAB had a slow start (it’s already OCTOBER, for Pete’s sake, and we’re just now having our first activities), but I think this week makes up for it!

Hope to see you some time this week, commuters!


BSO Zoo Trip = Success!

by Alumni Posts September 27, 2011

A big “Thank You!” goes out to all who helped make the Biological Sciences Organization’s First Annual Zoo Trip a success. This past Saturday, all of our months of planning finally came together in the library plaza as the Fontbonne campus community gathered to enjoy games, prizes, free t-shirts, free BSO arm bands, and, of […]

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Unlucky or Lucky?

by Fontbonne University September 26, 2011

Yesterday was very unexpected because it started raining. My drawing class was suppose to take a trip to the zoo, but my two classmates, John and Sheridan, and I were not sure if we should still attend. I asked Sheridan for Mario’s, our drawing instructor, number so I called him to make sure whether we should […]

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BSO Wants YOU to Go to the Zoo!

by Alumni Posts September 23, 2011

As far as my knowledge goes, I’m the only blogger who is an active member of the Biological Sciences Organization. Therefore, I believe it is my duty to inform all of my readers about all of the fun activities that the BSO has planned. This Saturday, September 24, the BSO is inviting everyone to come […]

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Mornings at the Park

by Alumni Posts April 13, 2011

One of the greatest benefits of attending Fontbonne is its proximity to Forest Park. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it seems everyone in St. Louis has the same idea: go to the zoo. In the past week, I alone have been to the Saint Louis Zoo twice; however, in my most recent visit, […]

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Back to the Griffin

by Alumni Posts January 19, 2011

Welcome to Spring Semester 2011. For me, it’s a semester of Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Calculus, and Public Speaking. Although it will be challenging, I think I’m ready for it. Being a freshman, this was the first time I had ever been treated to a month long Winter Break. And, it was the first time that […]

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