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world religions

Hello FBU community,

I have been taking a World Religions course for  six weeks now. I chose to take the first eight week courses with Mr. Stopke. I admit I may have not chosen to take this course on my own, since it is required; oh well.  1. I am trying to get out of school and 2. I would have taken some drama course. Nevertheless, this has been one of the most insightful classes that I have taken, and Mr. Stopke make this class even more enjoyable.  I have been enlightened on different religions, traditions, and customs that were contrary to my own beliefs and what I had been taught while growing up in church. I have come to the conclusion that I love my own spiritual journey and my own personal relationship with God outside of what I have learned in church. During my assignment of finding a spiritual center to write about, I found one that I really liked and plan on returning to. If you have not taking this class for whatever reason, I truly recommend Mr. Stopke.


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