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What Not To Wear

I really do not have a campus fashion pet peeve.  I believe that every person has their own unique fontbonnemikestyle and way of dress.  The only thing that bothers me is when people are not individual about their style and simply conform to many other people who wear a certain style.  It bothers me when people wear Hollister and Abercrombie merely because many other people wear those brands of clothing.  Generally, I respect different styles of clothing and respect when people use their imagination to express themselves.
Personally, I have a very unique fashion style.  I frequently wear soccer jerseys and football jerseys on a day to day basis to express my love of soccer, football, and other sports.  I wear clothes that I have purchased from Mexico and Europe as well to show my love of diversity and the rest of the world.  Last week, I wore army pants, a Marine Corps shirt, and boots to celebrate Veterans’ Day and honor those who have served our country.  Sometimes, I wear jeans and polo shirts for certain occasions.  Anyway, I dress the way I do in order to express myself to others and show who I truly am and what for what I stand.

What do you stand for? Get involved with what you really care about through student organizations.



I definitely think that Fontbonne has one of the most fashionable diverse campuses around. Some people dress up, some people wear pj’s to class and some people wear shorts in December..we’re all over the place. Personally, I think I’m in the middle of the range of “fashion”. I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing sweats to class, because if I’m too comfortable, it’s a lot harder for me to learn, but I give props to those who can roll out of bed and come to class. I usually stick with jeans and anything from a hoodie to a cardigan, depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes I wish more people at Fontbonne got a little more dressed up, because then I’d want to, but then again, you can tell on any given day that I’m pretty lazy. My most common outfit consists of jeans, boots or flip flops and a hoodie, and I’m fine with that 🙂

What would you wear to class? Check out what other students wear at our upcoming open house on November 21st!


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