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Welcome Back!

by Candance on January 30, 2017

in Extracurricular

Greetings Everyone! It’s great to know that I’ll be blogging with you this semester!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Candance Hurd, I’m a current grad student at FBU and an alumni (grad year 2012). This is my second semester blogging, and I found it be very fun, very informative to read others’ posts and very relaxing to write my thoughts out.

I hope you all had a wonderful break and are getting back into the swing of things with classes and reality! Boy, oh, boy, I know I am. It’s been quite busy for me alllllllready!!!

I look forward to hearing from everyone soon! WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME!

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Well folks, I’ve survived my first month of junior year! (pats for Raven!) and I am so happy to be back! After a long and exhausting summer, I can honestly say that I was becoming really bored. So you can imagine my excitement when the first day of classes finally came. I was pumped! I had missed Fontbonne over the summer, so I was ready for some new challenges! I have some classes that I am really excited about. One class I’m really looking forward to is my civil rights film course. When I enrolled in this class last spring, I was extremely interested in the premise of the course.  I consider myself a self-declared nerd, so if I can learn more about a specific time period, I’m all over it! Another thing I’m pretty pumped about would be the activities. This semester, I promised myself that I would be involved more, so I have to keep that promise to myself. I got a chance to attend an event last night and I got a chance to meet our new president Dr. Pressimone. I must say that Dr. Pressimone seems like a really cool guy who is very dedicated to changing lives and helping Fontbonne be the best it could be. Welcome Dr. Pressimone! I also got a chance to meet our new vice president of student affairs, Joe Deighton, this week as well. He was very nice person and showed a great level of dedication to getting to know the campus and everyone in it! Welcome Mr. Deighton! All in all, my first impression of the new semester was that we are gonna have an amazing year together! Welcome back everyone! And a warm welcome to the class of 2018!


Well, hello everyone! I am Ebony, no stranger to the world of blogging but brand spanking new to the student blogging community here at Fontbonne University. This is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to sharing with Fontbonne’s faithful blog readers.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

First of all, I love being a student (I know. Nerd alert, right?)! I came to Fontbonne from another institution in search of a better quality business degree program. I enrolled in courses through the Options program and have been pleased with my decision ever since.

I enjoy reading good books while sipping a chai tea latte, writing poetry and working on a novel that probably should have been published years ago, movies starring Johnny Depp and sushi. Oh, how I love sushi (and Johnny)!

I am a regular on a few different blogs, including my own. I volunteer for a non-profit organization geared toward mentoring young ladies ages 8 to 18 and am an active member of my church. And, a lover of politics, I may have a slight addiction to CNN and MSNBC. I’ve really got to stop watching those channels!

Lastly, I love spending quality time with my new baby daughter, whom I affectionately call Lovebug. She was born over the summer and has completely changed my life for the better. Lovebug is barely three months old, but that didn’t stop me from lecturing her on the importance of higher learning the day I brought her with me to the main campus’ bookstore. “Someday, you’ll go to school just like Mommy,” I told her. She yawned several times during my lecture but I am certain that I got through to her! Ha!

As a writer, I strive to entertain my readers as well as provoke thought on issues that affect our individual lives. I hope that I can do this, throughout the semester, for you all! Thank you for the opportunity and I wish you all a great school year!



My name is Erica Van Buren and I’m currently a senior here at Fontbonne University. For me, 24 hours is not enough time to juggle work, school and family. I’m majoring in English, and I’ve recently decided that my part time job gives me lots of writing material. At the moment I’m employed part time with the Transportation Security Administration and working at the airport — you see and hear some really interesting things. After graduating, I’m hoping to be able to dedicate myself completely to my notebook of weird and crazy things via the airport. I would love to get it published. Stay Tuned…



by Alumni Posts September 10, 2012

My name is Whitney Vehige, and I am a junior at Fontbonne. I am majoring in speech/language pathology and minoring in psychology. I live about an hour out of St. Louis and commute to school. I chose Fontbonne for their excellent speech/language pathology program and have never regretted the decision. Even though I am busy […]

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Introducing Myself.

by Alumni Posts September 10, 2012

Hey ya’ll!! My name is Jessica, but I go by Jess!! I’m 21years old and this is my first year at Fontbonne! I’m a third year transfer from St. Charles Community College. I’m an Elementary Education major! I grew up in St. Charles, about 30 minutes away from here, and went to Orchard Farm School District […]

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by Alumni Posts September 9, 2012

Hello Everyone, Long time no blog! Well for those you new to the scene, let me introduce myself. I am Jeanne Eveld. I am a sophomore seeking a career in Special Education. I picked Fontbonne for its small, but close-knit community. I did not find it hard to get involved and make new friends at […]

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WELCOME to the FALL 2012 Semester!

by Alumni Posts September 9, 2012

Hello, fellow Fontbonne students and bloggers! My name is Sean Pellegrini, and I am a new “Real Life at Fontbonne Blogger”! I hope that some day I could meet you. I am a sophomore Psychology major and I LOVE this school. Fontbonne is like another home. I am from Chicago (yes, actually from there on […]

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New Here

by Alumni Posts February 3, 2012

Hi everyone! This is my second semester at Fontbonne University, and I’m happy to be sharing with you some of the things that go on in the mind of a student here. I’m a non-traditional student (my first crack at college was back in ’92) studying Deaf Education. I chose Fontbonne because it’s right here […]

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Hello Everyone!

by Alumni Posts February 1, 2012

Hello! My name is Whitney, and this is my first blog, so I would like to introduce myself. I am a sophomore at Fontbonne and am studying speech-pathology. I am a commuter student, so even though I do not spend as much time around campus as many other students, I consider my college experience here […]

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