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“Welcome Back”

Hello! My name is Yuri Khechoyan and I am a Junior here at Fontbonne! I am a double major in Business Administration & Management Information Systems. It is weird that we already have 3 weeks of the 2016-2017 Academic Year in the books and the fact that I am now an Upper Classman still has not hit me yet. Seri13902818_1018302478268659_5060904262797191939_nously, where did the summer go?

Even though I am a commuter, I can be found all over campus. On top of both of my majors, I am also a Work-Study student. Furthermore, I am serving my second term as the President of the Fontbonne University Enactus student organization. It is an International Non-Profit, Entrepreneurial Business Organization. I even received an Award this past week for serving 500+ Hours with Enactus.  Here is a photo of me with a giant Oreo at the Enactus National Conference this past May. Are you craving Oreos now? I guess you could say my plate is kind of full (no pun intended). Looking forward to see what opportunities my Junior year brings me. I am going to make the most of it. Are you? Until next time guys, stay classy!


Well folks, I’ve survived my first month of junior year! (pats for Raven!) and I am so happy to be back! After a long and exhausting summer, I can honestly say that I was becoming really bored. So you can imagine my excitement when the first day of classes finally came. I was pumped! I had missed Fontbonne over the summer, so I was ready for some new challenges! I have some classes that I am really excited about. One class I’m really looking forward to is my civil rights film course. When I enrolled in this class last spring, I was extremely interested in the premise of the course.  I consider myself a self-declared nerd, so if I can learn more about a specific time period, I’m all over it! Another thing I’m pretty pumped about would be the activities. This semester, I promised myself that I would be involved more, so I have to keep that promise to myself. I got a chance to attend an event last night and I got a chance to meet our new president Dr. Pressimone. I must say that Dr. Pressimone seems like a really cool guy who is very dedicated to changing lives and helping Fontbonne be the best it could be. Welcome Dr. Pressimone! I also got a chance to meet our new vice president of student affairs, Joe Deighton, this week as well. He was very nice person and showed a great level of dedication to getting to know the campus and everyone in it! Welcome Mr. Deighton! All in all, my first impression of the new semester was that we are gonna have an amazing year together! Welcome back everyone! And a warm welcome to the class of 2018!


“Welcome Back!” It’s a very common phrase I’ve heard when I came back to school a few weeks ago. I feel so excited that I just started my spring semester, which is also my second semester at Fontbonne. Even though it was so cold outside, student and staff are still so friendly to say “hello” to me.

For this new semester, I’d like to share a quote from Mother Teresa, to encourage you and me: “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” I will keep my smile when I see you on campus. Welcome back, my dear friends. Let us celebrate it with lovely smiles!


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