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With this past week being Spirit Week at Fontbonne, there have been an abundance of events and activities for students to attend! My favorite was by far the Neon Volleyball Tournament that was held Thursday night. It was held in the gym with all the lights turned off except for a few black lights that made everyone’s neon gear glow!

I got a team of my closest friends together and dressed in neon from head to toe. We called ourselves the Orville Ready Blockers 🙂 and prepared to dominate our competitors. We tried to develop a strategy but ending up just winging it in the end. I think we had more fun than we won games!

There was a big turnout for the event and everyone seemed to get in the spirit! While some of us got a little intense, I think everyone that participated in the tournament as well as spectators can agree that they had a lot of fun!




I spent this weekend with my family and it was great. We had a family friend come in from Chicago. We also were celebrating my cousins 14th birthday. There was a lot of reminiscing and telling new funny stories as usual. Of course while munching on a lot of food. Besides the party I went to a volleyball tournament. It was my first time. The cool thing is that it was in the Rams dome. I can say I was on the Rams field. Obviously the actual field was taken out. There was just concrete. Finally last night my whole family decided to go out for dinner and it was about 7:30pm. The first place we tried was over and hour wait, the second was over 45 mins, the third was over 30 can catch my drift. We were able to finally eat the the fifth place we choose. Took us a while to find a place that was not so packed. Today I come back to my apartment and its just ice. ICE. I rather it snow.


As you probably already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. In support of that, Fontbonne Griffin Gang (the group that works to promote school spirit) hosted a Big Pink Volleyball tournament. This took place after the women’s volleyball team played against Westminster. All the players wore pink jerseys. Also, pink t-shirts, balloons, and even cupcakes were being passed out to the crowd. I loved looking at a sea of pink.

The recreational tournament was unlike traditional volleyball games. We used a giant, and I mean giant, inflatable pink ball. It was actually a lot harder than it looked to lift that monstrous thing over the net. It was fun though; definitely not something anybody can say they play on a daily basis (or even have at all). The team that I played on was #ODKAlltheWay. This was a group of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Leadership Society members. We did not win the tournament, but we all enjoyed ourselves and supported a worthy cause and event. As cliché as it may sound, that is all that truly matters.

Speaking of ODK and a worthy cause, ODK sponsored a campaign the morning after Big Pink Volleyball. The campaign is called It Can Wait, which encourages people to not text while they are driving. Tables were set up in the library, cafeteria, and DSAC so that people could learn more about the dangers of this habit and the statistics. Then, they were able to sign and pledge and receive a car decal as a reminder. Not to brag or anything, but I’m proud that Fontbonne is affiliated with so many great causes and organizations. And, I am proud that I can say that I’m a part of them.


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Welcome Back!

by Alumni Posts on January 19, 2012

in Academics,Athletics

And 2012 has begun! Which means…. Welcome back to college! I missed Fontbonne. The kids, the teachers, and of course being on my own again. Break just seemed to drag on for me. I am still used to my one week of high school break so this seemed like FOREVER!

Classes and homework are back too. I had all my classes and have no problems with any of them. Although my online class is already making homework due….. This will be a great semester!

Also, being back means volleyball has started. I am so excited for this season. We have a great team and have been working very hard in practices for our upcoming game on January 28th.



by Alumni Posts October 5, 2011

I started playing volleyball in 3rd grade on a CYC team for a church near my house. I loved the sport and always thought I was decent at it, but didn’t want to go anywhere with it. Then when I hit eighth grade, my gym teacher (during the volleyball unit) told me I was good […]

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Spirit Week 2011

by Alumni Posts September 26, 2011

Well, last night concluded spirit week 2011, and what a week it was!  I got more involved than I planned on, but I do not regret my decision one bit. This past Monday we had a sand volleyball tournament at Concordia Seminary. There was a great turn out, and my team actually won. We won […]

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