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I’ve adopted a new mantra lately, and that is “Do one thing every day that scares you”.  In other words, get used to pushing your comfort-zone. I think many can relate when I say that in the past I’ve certainly let my fears stop me from leaving my fluffy, comforting comfort-zone.

Comfort zones may feel good in the moment, but after too long they can be suffocating. Remaining in a comfort-zone for too long can leave a person with a lot of what-if’s. This week I pushed majorly past my comfort zone and posted my first vlog (a video blog on YouTube).  Getting in front of a camera can be scary!  When I made my first few practice-takes I felt nervous, anxious and embarrassed. As the process came along, I become more familiar with angles, tricks, and how to edit my videos. It felt empowering.  I owe some credit to my uber supportive boyfriend who encourages and pushes me to go after my passions and dreams.

So that’s that!  I have my first video out and although it wasn’t as easy as I thought, I worked for it and made it happen.  Pursuing your dreams is empowering! Is anyone pushing their comfort zone this summer?

I hope that with summer in full gear, everyone is spending their summer doing the the things they love!


My Blog for today will come mostly in video form, which I think is exciting.

Click here to see My Snow Day Vlog on YouTube!

I hope you enjoyed watching my vlog, because I had a lot of fun making it.

And now, some pictures!

Fellow Fontbonne Friends, Ariel, Dillon, and I posing for a picture at Art Hill.

Other People gathering at Art Hill to go sledding.

Looking down from Art Hill.

Other sledding enthusiasts on Art Hill.

Another view of Art Hill.

Peace, Love, & Snow Days!


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