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Vietnamese cuisine

Like I promised, this week is the sequel to my last post of suggested St. Louis restaurants.  Most of the places I suggested last week are typical types of food we could find at many places—many people have had pasta, burgers, and donuts before.  So today I would like to bring to your attention some other types of food that may be a little out of your comfort zone.

Change is hard, I know.

As I am not an adventurous eater, I can only offer so many restaurants from my own experiences.  Luckily, my friend Alexis is an adventurous eater!   She has tried many local restaurants in her quest to find the best food, and has provided me with details on the following restaurants, which she recommends to you:

House of India

House of India is a restaurant on Delmar serving authentic Indian cuisine.  The restaurant has an upscale atmosphere, with china and linen napkins, but isn’t too expensive.   And the food is good.  Alexis describes it as “really yummy,” and although my experience is limited when it comes to Indian food, I have to agree.  The naan and mango lassi I had were delicious!  If you do decide to go, make sure you get tips from someone who knows Indian food so you know what to order.

Mai Lee

Mai Lee is a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant.  The restaurant’s webpage gives a synopsis of the restaurant’s beginnings, if you are interested in the family’s story.  Mai Lee serves both Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, and Alexis says their pho is amazing.


Ranoush is a restaurant serving Syrian food.  What is Syrian food?  Ranoush’s website describes it as “Middle Eastern cuisine;” the menu includes items such as shawarma, shish kabobs, falafel, and lentil soup.  With locations in both Kirkwood and the Loop, Ranoush is only a short drive from many St. Louis neighborhoods.  During the lunch hour, Ranoush has lunch specials on many dishes, and at night adds belly dancers to its energetic atmosphere.  I haven’t yet visited this restaurant, but have heard from many people that it is a popular place to visit!

I hope these suggestions help you to branch out your eating habits this semester.  Sometimes it’s good to have new experiences; they make us grow and learn to appreciate other ideas.  Food in particular can allow us to experience the way another culture lives.  I believe that the United States is continually becoming more culturally diverse, so we should do what we can to keep ourselves up on the new things going on in our changing world.  And, hey, if that involves eating food, then count me in!

If anyone else has suggestions of good restaurants to try, please let me know!  I am eager to try new things this time of year; spring always makes me restless and hoping for something exciting to happen.


Hello, everyone:

Today’s blog is just a recap on my week. Well, the one thing that’s actually interesting. On Tuesday, October 16th, FISA had the International Potluck. Each member of our club brought in a dish that they’ve made (or bought) to share with the whole campus. The food was great, but I did wish that we had much more food!

I made Vietnamese sandwiches with my mom, and she also made Vietnamese pudding; Izzy brought fried rice; Ben brought preserved eggs; Ana brought Brazilian chocolate and corn pudding (I wish I could spell the original names, but oh well); Cata brought her homemade lemon pie; Raegene brought Minute Maid Lemonade; and lastly, Carlos brought coconut flan. Delicious, right? Yes, indeed!

So overall, we had a successful event. Everyone loved the food very much. My twin sister, Mary, and our baby brother, Avin, were also there. It was a lovely day, too. There will be another potluck for next semester, so keep on the lookout!

Have a great weekend. 🙂


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