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I absolutely cannot live without having spare time. As a commuter, it is very important for me to manage my time wisely. Since I’m at Fontbonne 8 hours a day , it is a good idea for me to get my homework done when I am not in class so that when I get home I have lots of free time. At home I started watching Scream Queens and I’m really excited for American Horror Story to start next week! That’s the other thing ‚ÄĒ every student should find a TV show that they really like to watch in their spare time. I don’t live in a dorm because everything that I could not live without is at home!




by DeMarcus on September 24, 2015

in Extracurricular

During the summer I watched the SCREAM series on MTV. We’ve all seen the movies when we were younger and frightened out of our minds….at least until a certain point, then it became comical. When I saw the commercials for the show I became intrigued to see how they would revamp the ghost face character. Well, they’ve gotten a new mask! A new mask makes everything better, right? YES! The characters are fresh and they have potential. At first you’d think the series would be predictable but it actually isn’t. Once you think who the killer is, you don’t! The series is very much modern so you’ll understand the lingo. Just like movie they start off with a famous [well-known] character and then the unknowns. Throughout the summer I would makes sure that I tuned in every Tuesday night at 9 pm because I became hooked, surprisingly. Also when you watch, turn off the lights for added suspense. ūüėČ Am I convincing you to watch? If yes, then good because it’s really good and has the right amount of thrill. If I’m not convincing you then you’ll be left out because they are coming out with season 2 in 2016!! So get to watching season 1. You don’t want to be left out of my live tweets do you? I didn’t think so. I’ll see you in 2016 for season 2.

Down below is the trailer for season 1. Enjoy:)


The outrageous Comedy Central series¬†Workaholics is not exactly realistic but it is scarily relatable. The show follows three twenty-something male telemarketers who live together. They are inarticulate, irresponsible, immature and in active denial of both their age and social ineptitude. While still chasing idealized visions of adolescent coolness, they are actually much smarter than they act and much dorkier than they wish. Because of this, they are utterly relatable to guys across America in the same age range. The ones who grew in the mid-2000’s surrounded by rap music and air soft guns, only to realize the ridiculousness of their tastes and behavior later in life. But while we grow up and adapt, the characters of Workaholics see the¬†foolishness in their actions and stay the course, refusing to change, and acting just as illogically as they always did. And somewhere deep down, we admire them for it. ¬†In this way, Workaholics is a suitably pathetic Generation-Y update on Peter Pan. A story of eternal youth and all its glorious idiocy.


Castle,¬†ABC’s hit series, deftly blends mystery and comedy. The amusement starts with the premise itself. Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a best-selling mystery writer¬†who joins NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) as a consultant on a series of criminal investigations. Beckett served as the inspiration and model for Castle’s most iconic fictional character. He is allowed to tag along with her simply because he loves a good mystery story, real or fictional, and he is personal friends with the mayor. The appeal of the show rests in the relationship between the lead characters. The stoic Beckett is contrasted with the witty, goofily enthusiastic¬†Castle, who sees everything in life as a pulpy genre story waiting to happen. The series revels in this same ideal of storytelling. Plots shift week to week from ordinary law & order murder investigations to CIA counter-terrorism conspiracies to undercover mob infiltrations to Halloween-themed mock vampire attacks. All of them ¬†are loaded with lovable pop culture references and puzzles that manage to both twist and charm. It’s worth a watch for anyone who loves a good whodunit and wouldn’t mind seeing a lead character who shares their passion.


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