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I can’t imagine my life without influences from the hard sciences, specifically from biology. However, this semester, I have but one biology course, which is an independent study course that, though awesome in itself, isn’t exactly what I would consider to be exactly on track with my career intents.

If you’ve read my previous blogs of the semester, you’ll already know that I’m just spending this semester taking a few elective independent study courses and finishing up my theatre minor. (You see, I’m one of those people that will stop at nothing to do what I said I was going to do. Completing biotechnology? Check. Completing physiology? Check. Completing my chemistry minor? Check. Completing Spanish proficiency? Check. The only “check” I have yet to issue is to the question of finishing my theatre minor, which I will have done by the end of the semester.)

All of that being said, however, I have to add that I miss the constant challenge of balancing eighteen (or more) hours of all science courses. I’ve grown accustomed to reading through dense textbooks; instead, I’m currently reading through plays left and right. Do I love plays? Most definitely! It’s just a different challenge, something that is harder for me to get used to than I initially anticipated.

This semester, though, is providing me with other exciting opportunities. I was able to catch up with a good friend over a two-hour lunch at Steak ‘n’ Shake over the weekend. I’m devoting a lot more time to working in my internship lab, and I’m also continuing my work as a Fontbonne peer tutor for biology. All in all, life is good, except for the fact that I truly miss the biology classes that I used to have.


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The Return of the Test

by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2011

in Academics

In college, there is nothing dreaded more than exams. They have a way of sneaking up on students. Then, you feel there is no way you can already have a test since you just had a test last week– or what felt like last week! Those last minutes of studying and cramming will hopefully pay off! Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not! At least with the first exams of the class, you obtain a basic understanding of what the Professor looks for and what they count off for. From there, you study what you think you’ll be tested on and hope you do well!

In the cases where studying and paying attention pay off– GOOD JOB! In those other cases, maybe its time to study with other classmates or even a tutor!

And Better Luck next time– better yet, STUDY SOONER!!



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