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When I was searching for colleges, there were many factors weighing into which college I would attend, and I made the best choice after considering all of those factors. Obviously, one huge factor was money, and how much tuition assistance I would receive from each school I was interested in played into that decision as well. However, money was not the only factor. I also considered what school would work best for me in terms of the learning environment. Personally — and everyone is different — I know I would struggle more in a large lecture hall with over 100 students in a classroom with me. I would feel more intimidated and less likely to ask questions. I also know that if my classes were that big, the teacher would have no clue who I really was, and I would feel as though the teachers were hard to approach to ask questions if they did not see me everyday and understand that I might have questions about a lesson. That was a huge factor that played into the decision. Once I knew that the money situation was something we could work with, and I liked the class size a lot, I also liked that Fontbonne was just 15 minutes from home, so I could live on campus, but also be able to head home occasionally on the weekend if I wanted. Then, knowing that it was a Catholic university also was appealing to me because I knew I would be able to attend Mass on campus and might have an easier time keeping up my faith life at a place that shares my beliefs.

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