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The whole month of September is awkward. It’s not super hot and it’s not cold yet. It is hard to tell if you’re safe with shorts or need to go for pants. I am here to help with that! These are five pieces and/or ways for you to conquer the transition between summer and fall.

  1. Jeans

Jeans are a staple that everyone should have in his/her closet. Jeans come in a variety of shades. For the transition time, I would suggest a medium wash jean. Light jeans are for summer and spring and it is not quite time for dark wash yet. A medium jean with a cuffed bottom are perfect for September.



  1. Scarves

Scarves are an item that is typically associated with winter, but these bad boys can be worn all year long! Scarves are a great accessories because they are comfortable and can add a lot to an outfit. For the summer to fall time period, I would suggest a lightly knit scarf in a neutral color.


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  1. Booties

Booties are my favorite fall accessory. You cannot jump straight into your riding boots from your flip flops. You need something to ease you into tall boots. Booties fill that void perfectly! They have the feel and look of boots, but the comfort and ease of short closed toed shoes. These are the perfect transitioning piece because they can be worn with jeans and a tee or a flowy dress, and many more outfits!

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  1. Light Cardigans

Light Cardigans provide the warmth of a long sleeved shirt, but gives the opportunity to take it off if it gets too hot outside. It can be 60 to 85 in one day here in Missouri, so having outfits that can easily transition is a must. Once again, I vouch for neutral colors when selected a cardigan because it goes with more outfits that way. I almost only wear neutrals in the fall. Having a couple of cardigans in a variety of length and shades is always a good idea!

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  1. Nail polish

Although this technically isn’t a piece of clothing, nail polish is definitely a key accessory. Nail color can change an entire outfit, for better or worse. The neutral police strike again with warm and natural nail colors for the changeover from summer to fall. Go out and treat yourself to a mani/pedi in one of these colors!!


These five items can help you and your friends say see ya later to the end of summer and welcome fall like an old friend. I have included all of the links for the items if you are interested in knowing more about them, or want to buy! Keep your eyes out for my next blog and be sure to comment your thoughts and share with your friends. Until next week…




High school, at least for me, was not that long ago. A year ago from this date, I was in my home town and attending daily classes as a Phoenix. So how did I transition from a Phoenix to a Griffin? High school attempts to prepare you for college academically, but it can sadly fail at preparing you emotionally and socially. It took a lot to get used to not being with the people I’ve been in school for years with. No matter how difficult it was, it’s possible and it just happens to be completely worth it.

Emotionally you’re a mess when you graduate high school, these emotions include positive and negative responses to this drastic change. For most people I think the hardest thing to transition to college is meeting new people. Like I said, you have been with the same people for years. It’s weird not seeing them everyday in the halls. However most of all, you miss your friends that you made. I personally had a close group of friends and leaving them was possibly the hardest thing to get used to. Transitioning into knowing so few people, but coming from a place that you knew everyone can be hard. So if you want to keep your high school friends, here are a few things you can do.

1. Forget distance as an excuse to be a forgetful friend

Distance is just a number; it is possible to talk to them still. Giving up on friends because of miles is like getting rid of a perfectly good car because it has a scratch. Facebook allows you to create a group chat and I’ve used it since I got to college. Whenever my friends and I are having a bad day, we message each other. Even if we are having the best day, we tell each other. The trick is to find tools like this one to get in touch with another.

2. Put yourself out there

This sounds extremely similar to dating advice and maybe that’s because it actually works. Dwelling on home will only make matters worse for you when transitioning to college. Dwelling on past friends and what you did with them will make it even worse. Yes, you may be starting over socially. Yes, that may be scary. However, it is totally worth it to meet new people. I love my friends at home and school. I wouldn’t give up them for the world.

3. Do not compare, you can have both worlds

Comparing old and new will just make you upset and ruin your fresh start! Never compare your home life to your college life, it will only make you feel scared. Of course home will seem cozier, but college is a brand new escapade. Don’t waste it comparing it to your life at home and during high school.

Speaking from an experience I just went through, transitioning from high school to college is hard. It can make you feel out of your comfort zone and you should be! It should feel like you’re not where you were before because you should grow into who you want to be. Two different worlds may be hard to handle, but I have a feeling your shoulders are strong enough to hold them both.




I’ve written crazy-long blogs lately, so this week, I’m taking it easy.  (Did you really just let out a sigh of relief?  C’mon…)

Anyway, Andrew’s latest post reminded me of my own experience with my professors, and I had an interesting encounter the other day that gives a nice example of how professors really do get to know their students.  I should set this up by telling you that my academic advisor and I are on really good terms – I’ve been in 2 of her classes, and we always say hi to each other and have little conversations when we see each other in the halls.  So, during one of these chats, she said, “You seem happier this year than last year.  Have you found a good balance with things now?”

(Granted, it’s not like I was super down last year, but the transition to college was  – and still is sometimes – very rough for me. I was not a happy camper last year, mostly because I missed my friends from high school.)

I answered her question, and we talked some more, and after we parted, it struck me that the fact that she’s so in tune with how her students and advisees are doing is really incredible when you consider how remote the relationship has the potential to be.

In fact, it makes me glad I go to Fontbonne.


Hi, Everyone!

I’m Courtney, a freshman here at Fontbonne. Even though I’ve only been a Fontbonne student for a couple of months, I already feel at home. Everyone here has been so kind and welcoming, and they all helped to make my transition from high school into college a smooth one.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I went to Notre Dame High School, where I decided that I wanted to pursue biology, Spanish, and theatre in college. Because of Fontbonne, I am able to do just that. All of my professors here are great – they challenge me, yet they also help me along the way. Even though my classes can be difficult at times, I always know that I can go to any one of my professors for help.

I’ve already gotten involved here on campus. I entered a raffle and was chosen with 3 other students to be on Fontbonne’s Forest Park Balloon Race Crew (which, by the way, was a TOTAL blast!), and I’ve joined clubs on campus (namely, BSO, the Biological Sciences Organization, and OPUS, the Organization of Performing University Students). Additionally, I was able to work as an usher for one of Fontbonne Theatre’s performances, and in a few weeks I will usher again. By getting involved, I have already met a lot of great people with whom I share a lot in common.

Even though I’m just a freshman who’s been here for only a few short months, I’m already 100% happy with my decision to come to Fontbonne. Everyone here is so friendly, the classes are so fun, and getting involved is as easy as pie.

~ Courtney 🙂

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