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In my first semester at Fontbonne University I have become involved in a number of different organizations. I am involved in the track and field team, the black student union, and GAP, which is a mentoring program that stands for “griffins achieving progress.” The track and field team means a lot to me because I am very passionate about track and have been doing it for the past six years of my life. My favorite thing about the track and field team is the great relationships I have with my coaches and teammates; there is a great bond between everyone on the team despite some differences and there is an overall fluid chemistry between everyone. The black student union is a great organization because it helps empower the students of color at Fontbonne and help us get our culture and interests across to the rest of the student body and faculty. The GAP program is a great help to the freshmen in helping ourselves become more organized and accustomed to life as a college student and being able to balance out many different things that occur within our life. This is a great support program for both the mentors and mentees because it’s a great learning experience for both.


“C’mon, Michael, it’s game time. Slip on your Hanes, lace up your Nikes, take your Wheaties and your Gatorade, and we’ll grab a Big Mac on the way to the ballpark!”

Even though the above quote has absolutely nothing to do with cross country or track, it still finds its way into my head at some point before almost every meet I’ve ever been in. And it’s been in my mind again recently. Why? Well, this Friday is Fontbonne’s outdoor track season opener at Wash U! Everyone on the team is looking forward to it, I’m sure, but there’s no reason why we should have all the fun. Track and cross country rarely have any meets closer than Illinois, much less as close as Wash U. So if you’ve been waiting for a chance to watch a college track meet, here it is! I know that I especially appreciate people cheering for me (Just say that I look good. Even if it isn’t true – and oh, it won’t be – just keep on saying I look good. Thanks.) and the rest of the runners do too! So don’t be afraid – it’s just a short walk away! Come support the Fontbonne track team! 🙂


Well, I had my last cross country meet of the season last weekend, and I must admit I miss it already. Waking up and running solo just isn’t the same as waking up and running with my team (although I must admit, not waking up quite as EARLY to run is a huge plus). But, we had a meeting with our coach today, and we are well on our way to preparing for next season, with indoor/outdoor track in between. So I may be running on my own for now, but I know that I have plenty of time with my team to look forward to in the future!

Being able to run with a team that I love is just one of the many things I am grateful for at Fontbonne. To be completely honest, Fontbonne wasn’t really my first choice school, but one of the things that won me over (besides the stellar dietetics program!) was the fact that I was being recruited by the cross country coach. He persuaded me to come visit and meet the team. Once I spent more time here, I was really swayed by the small size and friendly people. And when I look back on it, I couldn’t imagine myself happier at a different school. So yes, when I sit down to my plate at Thanksgiving (although it won’t have any turkey on it!) I know I will be thankful that I go to Fontbonne. 🙂


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