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Track and Field

In my first semester at Fontbonne University I have become involved in a number of different organizations. I am involved in the track and field team, the black student union, and GAP, which is a mentoring program that stands for “griffins achieving progress.” The track and field team means a lot to me because I am very passionate about track and have been doing it for the past six years of my life. My favorite thing about the track and field team is the great relationships I have with my coaches and teammates; there is a great bond between everyone on the team despite some differences and there is an overall fluid chemistry between everyone. The black student union is a great organization because it helps empower the students of color at Fontbonne and help us get our culture and interests across to the rest of the student body and faculty. The GAP program is a great help to the freshmen in helping ourselves become more organized and accustomed to life as a college student and being able to balance out many different things that occur within our life. This is a great support program for both the mentors and mentees because it’s a great learning experience for both.


If you’ve been reading my past few posts, you probably know that I’m (deeply) involved with the Environmental Club. But here’s something I also love – perhaps even more – that I haven’t talked much about lately: RUNNING!

I am a proud member of the Fontbonne Track and Cross Country teams, and to me they are one of the best parts of being at Fontbonne! We’re a very diverse group of people, and I’m sure we all run for different reasons, but I love everyone on my team.

We usually run in Forest Park, and let me tell you, being roughly .85 miles away from such an awesome place is phenomenal!! When I run at home, I’m usually confined to my treadmill, because the roads by my house aren’t really safe. But when I’m at school, a whole new world of running opens up, and it’s super. The park’s not just for runners, either! Biking, walking, roller skating- all would be great things to do on the web of trails there. Not to mention the Art Museum, History Museum, Zoo… I could go on and on!

So basically, if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the wonders of Forest Park, I hope you will take advantage of this fabulous weather and find the time to do so soon!


As I think back on my freshman year of college, it is difficult to pick one person or group that has influenced me the most during my time here. From the moment I arrived with my luggage in hand, everyone has been very welcoming and kind. I was able to get involved with student organizations, be active in sports, and have good experiences in all my classes.

But there was one group of people that made my transition to college infinitely easier and were there for me at the very times that I needed them – the Fontbonne cross country (and track) team. They gave me a built-in support group even before I arrived; it also helped that fall athletes get to move in early, so I had an extra couple of days to get acclimated before the usual rush of freshman move-ins.

Even in high school, I was always super close to my XC/track teammates, and all of my dearest friends are (or at least were) runners. This trend has continued in college as well; I already feel as though I have known my teammates for years! I think it takes a special type of person to be a runner, and I have found that it is easier for me to bond with people that seem to be so intrinsically like me. Maybe I’m getting too deep here, but I really love my team!

I think the most important thing to do when starting something is to just jump in and be involved. Find a group of people that have the same values that you do, and connect with them. There are always opportunities to branch out and try new things, but I have found that this is easier once you have a solid base to start from. Although the XC and track teams have had their ups and downs this year, I still think that being a part of them is one of the best things I could have done. 🙂

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Easter Break is just around the corner! Everybody is all excited to go home and see family and rest. Not I. Fontbonne’s Track and Field team has a meet that we’ll be running at on the upcoming Saturday. So while everybody is chillin’, relaxin’, actin’ all cool; I’ll be pulling harrier duty (Old-school term for runner). I do hope that anybody who reads this has themselves a great Easter Break and enjoys the time they have off!


Mike- Reminded of His Priorities

by Fontbonne University April 13, 2009

I am really looking forward to the Easter Break because I am a spiritual person.  I plan on attending Mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.  These days will give me time to reflect on the strong impact that Jesus has had in my life.  The Holy Triduum is so important […]

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