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by Alumni Posts on September 26, 2012

in College Life

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to take a brief moment to share with you the LOVE I have for thunderstorms!!! They are probably the most gorgeous works of nature that anyone could experience on a regular basis. Seeing the lightening crack across the sky sends a thrill through me every time. Hearing the crash of the thunder is a reminder that nature can be louder than mankind. If you haven’t already guessed, I am one of those people you would find on their front porch watching the storm blow through. Some of you might wonder where my self-preservation is, but I find it soothing to listen to the outside world rage war within itself. Thunderstorms are loud, wet, and dangerous. I find these qualities as positive aspects. I do not mean that I enjoy sitting in the middle of a storm getting sopping wet, and I do not think car accidents as a result of a storm are a good thing. I mean more that people just need to pause what they are doing to reflect upon the phenomenon around them because it is a warning that we are too absorbed in our everyday lives. I take the opportunity when a thunderstorm strikes to listen to the world around me. Not the computer or the T.V. or the phone, but the natural sounds of the world. So, take a breath, stop, and listen to the storm!


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