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The Pageant

Last night blew me away.

The electric energy, the bright lights, the crowded space… I went to The Pageant to see the majestic Twenty One Pilots.


My boyfriend Hayden woke up to receive early-entry tickets prior to our anxious arrival & after I woke up, the rest of the day felt like it lasted a lifetime. I went to my classes, a meeting, AND gave a tour without being overly distracted by the upcoming event. Talk about going above and beyond with the pomp and circumstance!


Most of the day vanished as we prepared our mind and soul for what we were about to experience in “just” 5 hours. We get pumped up, put our concert attire on, eat a decent meal, and rev our engines to leave! No one could ever understand how thrilled we were.


Hayden almost forgot to bring our actual concert tickets. Hmm, aca-awkward? I believe it was around 60ºF outside when we departed and gee, my anorak did nothing but save my arms from actually freezing! We waited and waited and waited with the rest of our fellow concert-goers, thankfully 9th and 10th in line! I thought to myself, We’re gonna be in the front row…Yes!!! And so we continued to entertain ourselves and spoke to the eight other early entry fans. We made some great buddies during those 40 grueling minutes.


Security started to let the early entry patrons into the venue – Oh my goodness. I nearly died inside; I was simply too excited. From then on, we waited even more for an hour and thirty-five minutes for the opening acts, Sirah and Truslow, to play their tracks. The crowd poured in quite slowly and as the almost two hours went by, I realized how cozy we were going to get with the others around us. So, I figured, I’d better start to make some more friends or else they’re going to glare at me for being smack dab in front of them, right?! Hayden told me, “That’s The Pageant for ya.” Yup. He’s right.


Sirah’s DJ comes out on stage to mix up some sweet jams and spike up the crowd’s attention. He was seriously ‘the cooliest.’ I won’t lie. (He also had super white sneaks on)!


Sirah puts on her grand performance! Hayden got to hug her & fist bump her while I got to hold her hand & receive a sheet of  sticker tattoos as well as a bag of Skittles (after the show) from her! SUPER COOL. Her music is fantastic as well. FYI: She’s 5′ tall and completely adorable.


Truslow comes out in different costumes: Superman, boy scout, lumberjack, and a banana – HA! Hilarious. They were amazing live, and I got to help the lead singer stand up on the bench right in front of me! Ahhh, I must have been dreaming…And they were quite attractive.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! TWENTY ONE PILOTS TIME! I couldn’t believe it. We had the wonderful opportunity to wave to the drummer, hold up the lead singer, Tyler Joseph, with our bare hands, hold up the drummer Josh Dun while he was drumming on a separate platform (SO COOL), watch a drum-off between the two members, and have a heart to heart talk with them as well. The music was perfect, we all sang along with the songs, and overall, it was so utterly memorable. For a sold out show, I’d say yeah, it met my expectations!

Note: We have been listening to TOP’s new album, Vessel, day in and day out without realizing they had an album come out before the one we idolized – oops?


We got a TON of  little souvenirs signed by the opening acts, and left with a major sense of euphoria. Can’t wait to see ’em again in December with 30 Seconds to Mars!!! (Maybe they’ll remember us)?

Haha, well, there you have it! That was my (and Hayden’s) Friday night in a nutshell.

Ta, ta for now!


Hi, my name is Marielle and I’m addicted to Vampire Weekend. I’m so addicted that I got tickets to their sold out show and stood in line so I could be in the front row. It was worth it. And where, you may be wondering, did this magic happen? At the Pageant, my friends, the Delmar Loop’s number one concert venue. The Loop is a pretty chill place regardless, and while there are a few other places to catch a show (Blueberry Hill; Cicero’s) the Pageant attracts the bigger names. For example, some upcoming shows there: Tame Impala, Sara Bareilles, Hoodie Allen, Animal Collective, City and Colour, Krewella… and don’t forget that Fall Out Boy was there last month. So maybe we’re not talking Bruno Mars or Katy Perry, but if you’re into decently known artists that haven’t quite hit the big time, the Pageant is a cool place to go for a  concert. It’s fairly small, which means there really aren’t any bad seats, but some shows do sell out pretty fast. Either way, whether you’re new to St. Louis or you’ve been here all your life, make sure it’s on your list to see a performance at the Pageant!
And here are some pictures from Vampire Weekend. Don’t get too jealous.
Yep, they are all of the lead singer, and I am not sorry about it ONE BIT.


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