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The Fabulous Fox

The great thing about Fontbonne University is that it provides the comfort and close-knit feeling of a small school but is placed amongst a busy and bustling city. The small size of Fontbonne allows for small staff to student ratios as well as a community that truly cares about what is best for you. At the same time, Fontbonne is merely fifteen minutes away from the historic and wonderful downtown St. Louis, which provides an abundant amount of fun things to do. Beyond things such as going to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium and getting a tour of the Arch, downtown St. Louis has many concerts, plays, 5k runs, musicals, parades and many more. Just this past weekend, I went to the Little Big Town concert at the beautiful and classic Fox Theatre; only ten minutes away from Fontbonne. Fontbonne is unique in that it truly is  a place that cares about the success of its students in the small-school setting while allowing the community to embrace the many opportunities and events of the city of St. Louis.

Here is a link of the events happening in St. Louis soon:

The Fabulous Fox Theatre The Fabulous Fox Theatre: Where the Concert Was



In three days, I’ve been able to emerge from my shell of my residence hall and venture into the artistic delights of St. Louis.

On Friday, March 6th, on a whim, I was driving back to campus when I suddenly decided I should pop by the St. Louis Art Museum. After all, on Fridays, they are open until 9pm. So, I went, expecting a quiet night of solitude and mindful, artistic contemplation. Nope. It turns out that Friday was the opening of the SLAM’s “Art in Bloom” exhibit, where floral designers around St. Louis emulated different arrangements inspired by the works of art in the museum. So, I did not get a quiet night of solitude and mindful, artistic contemplation. I got a noisy night of joyful interactions with St. Louisans who were willing to engage with me and my mindful contemplations. I was really amazed at how willing others were eager to share their opinions with me. In fact, I made some new friends based on our mutual agreements and well-delivered disagreements. St. Louis has some very artsy people, and many who are willing to support the Arts.

On Saturday night, I joined some old Fonty friends that evening to do some Karaoke at Tom’s Bar and Grill in Central West End. For those over 21, they  have Karaoke there from 9pm – 1am. I go there often, and because it is so popular, I never get a chance to sing. Well, tonight, I was lucky- I impressed the crowd with a rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This.” My friends were proud to call me friend that night, let’s just say. But I made a lot of new friends as well, those who complimented me and were wishing for me to sing again. It’s hard to stay humble when you have a reaction like that, but again, people were friendly enough to come up to me and thank me for a solid performance. St. Louis was friendly, encouraging people, people who are willing to support each other, new or old friends.

On Sunday, to my dismay, I discovered that the Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis started at 12pm and NOT 12.30pm. Ooops. So for future reference, those who want to go there for Sunday Mass… it starts at 12pm. The Cathedral was very full when I walked in, and I had to sit at the back. You know if you’ve been there that the Cathedral is HUGE. So I concluded: St. Louis has a lot of Catholics, who are willing to support this beautiful Church, and who are willing to practice their faith and spirituality, without giving latecomers that snide look of “You’re late, go away.”

That evening, I had the unique pleasure of watching “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Fabulous Fox Theatre tonight with one of my dearest friends, Angela. I have always been on the edge with this musical. I’ve performed songs from it in High School, but I never had the urge to watch the musical or the film. However, despite this, I was still very excited to finally watch it. One cannot deny that the opportunity to watch a famous musical is utterly exhilarating. Needless to say, the musical was fantastic, and I have been singing songs from it all evening. It was much more meaningful that I was able to watch it with Angela, too. And the House was packed. all 7600 seats filled. St. Louis has a lot of people who like to watch theatre and musicals; some take it more seriously than others, but they are willing to come out on a Sunday evening and watch a timeless classic.

What am I trying to say? St. Louis just has a lot of great people who recognize the worthiness of the arts, faith, and spirituality. You’re one of them. You’re a part of this community, whether you are from Missouri or not. And that’s something that’s worth staying for. I can only hope I’ll find a similar community after I move following graduation. For now, I can revel in being a part of this vibrant community. You can too!



Last Friday, after an unbelievably stressful week, I had opportunity to see Les Miserables with my friend Lucy at The Fabulous Fox! Naturally, I created a Les Mis playlist on Pandora and played it all week leading up to the show!

Like any respectful theatre go-er, I requested dinner before the show! We parked near the Fox and ate at the restaurant across the street from The Fox. The wait was terrible, but the food delicious! It gave us time to reminisce about our time in Germany over the summer, and theatre people watch! One of America’s Great Past times– People Watching!! It was chilly that night, I’ll admit, but some people had on heavy winter coats, then some girls had on skimpy shimmery dresses! Come on people! But I digress.

Once inside, you could feel the magic of Les Mis!! The image projected onto the curtain was full of blues and grays to hint at the undertones of the musical! The singing was incredible, the actors voices made it sound like they had quadruple the number of voices! Which, in theatre, is remarkable and the desired outcome!

Throughout the musical, which was more like an opera because there was not speaking whatsoever, (JUST SINGING!!) you could feel the anguish, pain, and despair of each character. This musical quite literally sucked me in, and held my attention and emotion the entire four hours!! PHENOMENAL!!

Now I want to go back before it leaves! It was that incredible!! And to think, the movie comes out in less than 2 months! So much Les Mis!!



Is it really the last full week of October? I cannot believe how fast this first semester is flying by! It seems that each week is busier than the last. Before I know it it’ll be Thanksgiving. But that’s still a few weeks away, and I focus on the present.

This week is an exciting one for me. Today I almost completed my skirt I’m making for a fashion merchandising class (yes, the one I sewed wrong sides together and did every other possible thing wrong to last week). I can’t wait for Monday so that I can finish. The skirt is made of  maroon colored wool, high waisted, with an asymmetrical hemline and a leather waistband. Perhaps I will wear it on the fast approaching Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Les Miserables at the Fox! I have never seen this opera, let alone any, and am anxious to see it. I love going to see musicals at the Fox. I am able to go because my Music Appreciation course is required to critique it, so I got a really good deal on tickets. I will be going with my roommate/best friend, and we’re making a whole day of it, beginning with a tour in the morning, lunch, and the show in the afternoon.

After the show I will have Griffin Girls practice, which is going really well. I love that I am able to dance again, and the entire team works really hard to do their best. We have already finished two routines and are beginning the third this weekend. Our first performance is November 2nd at Griffinsanity. Come check us out!

The Fall Fest is tomorrow evening, so maybe after dance I will stop by to check out what the Fontbonne clubs and organizations have going on at this point in the semester. I know students can make masks for the masquerade ball this weekend, and try to put together the best Halloween costume for a prize. With so many things to do and see this week, I wonder what next week will bring? I’m hoping for some actual fall-related weather!

Until next week…


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