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Back to School

by Alumni Posts on September 12, 2011

in Academics,Athletics

Well, I do not know where the time went, but somehow I am already a Senior here at Fontbonne and it seems both sad and happy to me to be starting my last year here. I am not looking forward to leaving the wonderful friends that I have made here behind, or leaving any of the wonderful people I have met here at Fontbonne that have made my college experience so amazing. However, the happy part to me is that I still have this last year to finish off, and I can still make it a good one. I make it a point to get involved on campus so that I get the chance to meet all the incredible people I have already met doing so. I also know that this last year is going to be a fun one. I am excited for the fun activities and events on campus this year. I always love going to the soccer games and rooting on our fellow Griffins. I am going to try to go to as many games in as many sports as I can this year. I also have academic goals that I have set as well as tennis goals and intend to make the most of this year.


I’m ecstatic. Uncontrollably happy. Why? Tennis season is here!

I don’t know how to explain the incredible sense of elation I get from playing tennis. Something about being on the court, about the quick movements and the skillful swings, the sounds of the ball off of a racket… something about the whole medley of the tennis-playing experience thrills me.

This year will be my last spring season for Tennis, because of my plans to graduate a semester early in December, so I plan to make the most of it! Additionally, this year I’m co-captain of the men’s tennis team along with T.J. Eggleston, who often serves [that was punintentional, I swear] as my doubles partner during matches. He shares my enthusiasm for playing, and I’m excited to work with him in developing our team.

This spring, Fontbonne’s tennis team is looking pretty strong! We’ve only just begun, but we have some solid talent on the team. I won’t get into too many details because we’ve yet to figure out who will be playing and in what spots (1 through 6, if you’re unfamiliar), but I’m expecting a much stronger performance in the SLIAC conference! I can’t speak too much for the women’s team, but from what I can tell, Fontbonne’s tennis program is definitely looking stronger all around than ever before.

Our first match is at the beginning of March. Hopefully, it’ll warm up by then! For now, we’ll continue our indoor practices as we get ready to play!


fontbonnelibbyIn February, I was asked to participate on the Fontbonne University’s Women’s Tennis team.  I thought this was a joke because I have never played tennis in my life, minus the couple of times I attempted to at the park with my friends.  But I have played sports all my life and decided that it would be a worthwhile addition to my schedule.  Plus, how hard could tennis really be?  Well harder than it looks was the answer.  Though I never played before, I quickly LOVED the sport.  As the season progressed so did my skills.  I am no Williams sister but now that the weather is looking better I am so excited to go find some tennis courts and play.

Along with playing tennis, the weather has encouraged me to go outside a lot more.  I plan on migrating outside to work on homework.  Maybe the sunny weather will help me get an A on my last Rhetoric paper.  I also have already decorated Fontbonne’s parking lot with sidewalk chalk.  Which I plan to do again.  Along with chalk I will be tuning in to joys of my childhood by flying kites and swinging on swings at a park.  My friend Mary Alice and I have found a park with perfect swings where we can also fly kites.  The good weather makes me remember activities I enjoyed as a kid, and I have realized I still enjoy them now.

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Last Saturday, the Fontbonne tennis team played in its conference tournament. Being on that team, I fontbonneandrewended up playing four separate matches throughout the day. It was wonderful, especially because it was into the 90’s during the peak of the day. Now, some might think that’s terrible, but keep in mind that I’m coming from New York. I haven’t felt 90 degree weather in about a decade, since I moved to New York in 1999 from Shawnee, Kansas (I didn’t come to the Midwest; I came back to the Midwest)! So for me, that was a real treat, and a perfect night to go and enjoy some Ted Drewes!

But this incredible weather has me aching for summer to arrive! It’s so difficult to think that we still have two more weeks of classes, and then exams to top it off. I just want to be done! I’ve already got so much planned for this summer. To begin with, once exams are over, I’m heading down to Branson, Missouri to stay at a timeshare my parents still own from when we used to live in Kansas. It’s right on Table Rock Lake. I haven’t been there in many years, so I’m really excited to basically revisit my childhood! Then I’ll be traveling back home by car, stopping along the way in Chicago (not really along the way, buuut… oh well) to visit friends and family. Finally, around the 24th, I’ll be back in Rochester to stay. Except, not really stay! I’ve got plans to visit Oregon and Santa Monica, California thanks to invites from friends and family of friends. Not only that, but I’ll be swinging by St. Louis again around the first of August for a retreat with FAB! I’m excited to hang out with the FAB crew and get ready for next semester, when I’ll be serving as the Marketing Director. I’m nervous about it, but I think it should be a lot of fun and a lot of good experience.

Aside from that, my time back in Rochester will be spent frolfing (we have a fantastic Frisbee golf course at Ellison Park, which if I remember correctly is actually scheduled to be the site of the world frolf competition in 2010 or the two years following) and generally being in nature. Upstate New York has a lot of parks with some really beautiful scenery, including some incredible waterfalls and gorges. I’m hoping to go hiking all over with my dog and my best friend (am I talking about two people or just one? You decide!)

C’mon, time, pick up the pace and let’s get to May! I’m ready for summer!

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Stephen- Tennis Taking Off

by Fontbonne University March 27, 2009

Fontbonne University Tennis is certianly taking off.  With only two people showing up to the first fall meeting, it looked like it was going to be another bleak season and possibly no season at all.  But what we had was a new coach that certainly knew how to talk people into believing in playing tennis.  […]

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