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Team bonding

Women’s basketball is about to start up Monday the 15th. This year we have five stellar freshman that are going to help tremendously this year. We have worked really hard this pre-season with conditioning and weightlifting. This is my senior year, so I am giving it all I got this year. We have the potential of going really far in our conference, considering we have a lot of talent and height. Along with our hard workouts, we had a lot of fun with team bonding events. This year was our first annual mouse race fund-raising event. There were so many people donating and contributing for all of us to go to Daytona Florida for a Christmas tourney. Our favorite item was a free two hours at Pin Up Bowl on Delmar. There are so many good memories already made, and so many more to come.

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They importance of team bonding: FBU style

The minute all of us basketball girls were fully introduced, there was an instant sister bond. It doesn’t matter if there is one girl you wouldn’t typically be friends with if it wasn’t for basketball; we would do anything for each other.

We find ourselves always eating lunch and dinner with each other. Going shopping together and hanging out together. Our days wouldn’t be right if we didn’t.

We just recently had a situation in which our team became a little bit stronger.

The other night, our freshman post had an encounter with the bathroom wall. She woke up tired and tripped. She was too exhausted to have a reaction to catch herself and split the skin above her right eye. It was a complete accident that made a crazy day for all of us. The minute after she did it, she called me and I drove her to the hospital to get her gash stitched up.

After a long day, we all came together as a team to be with her. No matter what situation it is, we always have the time to be with one of our hurt teammates. I hate how our team got closer under this particular circumstance, but its a night we will never forget.


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