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Have you eaten sushi in a Japanese restaurant before?

This semester, I’m so lucky I made some friends from Japan. Therefore, we decided to have a sushi party to make sushi together at Fontbonne University.

Before making the sushi together, Ian and I took the Japanese students to the Asian street on Olive Blvd to buy some ingredients to make California rolls and some traditional Japanese style rolls, like salmon and tuna. We bought sushi rice, seaweed, eggs, salmon, tuna, avocado, ginger, soy sauce, and sushi vinegar. They were so happy to go to the Asian supermarkets on Olive, because it was their first time to see some Asian foods and words they are familiar with in St.Louis. We had a good time  shopping in the grocery store.

After shopping, we separated into three teams to make different ingredients. Some people made the rice, some people dealt with seafood, and other people cooked some dumplings to let us eat some foods first.

I really like each team, all of them are excellent.

After 30 minutes, we made 19 rolls. Can you believe? 19 sushi rolls just for 7 people? And we really finished all of them in this sushi party. It was too delicious, and we  continued eating even though we felt so full. It was just like we were in an ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi bar.

After this party, I really think it’s important to gather people to make one thing together. Without them, we couldn’t finish 19 rolls in a few minutes. Because of them, the sushi party worked more efficiently, it was more interesting and it had some more traditional style. You know, when you make sushi and hear people talk to each other in Japanese, it’s just like I’m in Japan 🙂

I really loved this sushi party!


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