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It has been six weeks since I have been home, and I made my way back to Springfield, IL ,Sunday for the Super Bowl. I am not the type to get homesick because I am always so busy and I can admit that I was a week before Sunday. My brother and sisters had so much to tell me I barely got to watch some blacked out football game. My boyfriend, Andrew, came home with me to join the Hogan chaos. The first half of the football game we were all eating bowls and bowls of the delicious homemade chili. We had the option of white chicken chili or regular old fashion heartwarming chili. I couldn’t get enough of both. We were cheering and laughing all the way through Beyonce’s spectacular performance. Then by second half we were all quiet, almost sleeping because of all the food we indulged in. I’m glad I was able to spend some time with my family. It was well needed.


The weekend of captivating commercials is drawing nigh, and in between them there is apparently some sort of football game. Whether you’re watching for the laughs or the tackles (or…Madonna…?), chances are you’ll be glued to the TV this Sunday munching on chips and knocking back bottled beverages.

But I implore you – don’t forget about the packages! Remember, you can recycle bottles, cans, and papers, and Terracycle chip bags, drink pouches, candy wrappers, cookie packages, red solo cups, and even Neosporin tubes (because those touchdown dances can get a little crazy).

So whether you’ll be at home or good ol’ Fontbonne, don’t let your packages get trashed like the Patriots will!!! (Because, come on, does anyone want them to win?) 😉


The gender roles in my family, particularly between my sister and I, are kind of reversed. Okay, that’s not really true for the most part, but it holds water when it comes to football. I confess, I’ve never been that big into football. I love a good game every now and then, but it was something I came to appreciate over time.

My sister, on the other hand, is a fanatic. She’ll go to the games she can afford, and when she can’t afford it she’ll be at home with my dad, drinking a beer and cheering (or cursing) loudly for her team (or at the other guys). Like most good Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is a revered holiday in my household, where the whole family is encouraged to sit around with potato chips and enjoy America’s new favorite past time at its best.

But while my sister and father (the former more so than the latter, really) took great stock in the actual game, for my first few Super Bowls I really only stayed around to catch what some contend to be the best part of the Super Bowl: the commercials! I remember distinctly in elementary school and middle school, most of the talk on the Super Bowl Monday would be about the funny commercials, rather than the game itself. Now, how amazing would it be to be a part of the team that creates those ads? And think about the paycheck behind it!

That’s why I’m an Advertising major here at Fontbonne. Because advertising is a wonderful thing. You could compare it to marketing, but that’s like saying you study architecture when you want to build roller coasters; you make it sound dry (if it isn’t already) and ignore the fun part! The advertising major at Fontbonne is a relatively new program, only a few years old now. Truth be told, according to Sister Mary Carol Anth, the advisor for the advertising major, I am apparently one of three ad majors at Fontbonne. I haven’t met the other two yet, but I’m still really amused by this fact. But, give it time to grow! The curriculum for this major is outstanding; it’s everything I want: business, creative design, sociology…

Which reminds me: I’m a double major! My second major is in fact sociology. The decision to double major came about six weeks in to the school year when the economy started going particularly bad. The first thing to get cut (though it shouldn’t be) from a business’s budget in tough times is advertising, and so I don’t know what kind of jobs I can count on in the future. So I figured, I might as well study something to help myself have another personal selling point. I figure I can beat out a lot of applicants for the ad industry if I’ve got a second, but related, major to go with my advertising degree, right? Plus, sociology is such a great subject. To understand how groups of people behave as they do and to investigate the motivation behind social problems is one of the more enjoyable ‘ologies’, to be sure.

So if I can’t land a job with a big firm making ads for the Super Bowl in the years after Fontbonne, I’m fairly certain I could score a good job with a smaller ad firm in St. Louis (or maybe in California, my dreamland). If all else fails, I could probably be a professor of sociology or advertising at some university somewhere. Or I could go into marketing. Or… with two majors that are so well-rounded, Fontbonne really has given me a lot of options!

This isn’t just Learn More, Be More; it’s Learn More, Have More Options. Have more potential. Have more things to be. Jeeze, sounds like I’m making a sales pitch, doesn’t it? And that’s why I love my major(s).

Check out Advertsing and Sociology

ps – Forgot to mention that we have some really cool open houses coming up.


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