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Summer plans

Hope everybody is enjoying their summer, thus far! I know the weather has been far from ideal but just like everything else in life, the days are what you make of them!

I have a busy summer ahead of me! As far as Fontbonne life goes, I am currently living Tuesday to Tuesday by working as an Intern with the Marketing Department.. It’s always nice to be living at home for the summer but I enjoy returning back to school once a week to work, see a few friends, and enjoy a workout in FU’s weightroom.. When I’m not working at Fontbonne, I am working at a local sports store close to my home in Washington, Mo! I enjoy my off days by making the mile and a half run to my neighborhood pool before I sit there and relax for a bit.. I have a few trips planned but nothing too serious.. As the summer comes to an end, I will be studying for the GRE and prepping myself to enter Chiropractic school..

I suggest everybody get a summer reading list.. If you already have one, great.. If you don’t, get one.. Other than naps, which I have talked about numerous times, reading is something else that I think is very important to life as a young adult.. I don’t get much time to open a book but I love every minute of it when it seldom happens..

If you’re looking for stuff to do to keep you busy, I highly suggest you get a Pinterest or get a job, with those two things the possibilities are endless!



Wow, I’m more than half way done with my first year at Fontbonne. I plan on hanging out with my friends that are coming back into town. We normally play video games and meet up to do something fun, like seeing a movie. I also plan on helping my dad finish rebuilding our deck and build a fire pit.


This summer I plan on jumping into my nursing career fast. Before I start my clinical hours in the fall I decided to enroll in a CNA program. While I am getting educated to be a nurse assistant I will be in the hospital environment observing and helping patients. I feel like this will help out while I continue my studies. CNA’s also get paid better than any job I have ever had so it is a win win for me. I have heard from so many of my friends that are currently in Nursing school that it is very hard to do anything else while in training. So I plan on traveling and visiting my boyfriend as much as I can before I start in the fall. I am really excited about it all, but I can wait for summer to arrive.


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