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Sufjan Stevens

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in a long time. I didn’t have anything too exciting to talk about the last couple of weeks aside from complaining about a bunch of large projects that I had to do. So, because I put off blogging for so long, I now I have multiple, exciting topics to bombard you with! Aren’t you glad I waited until this week to post anything? Me too! Let me tell you all about them!

1.) This week I finally begin my internship with the Missouri Botanical Gardens, during which I’ll be helping with the development of an exhibit about plant foods from around the world! I’m so stoked. Plus, tomorrow I get to have my photo taken for my own Garden ID badge. I have a very strong feeling that I’m going to be having a lousy hair day as a result.
2.) Last week, I made the trek out to St. Charles Community College to take a look at their fancy chemistry labs that I’ll be using for an organic experiment I’m running for plant biology. I know you’re dying to hear the details about it, so let me fill you in on what I’ll be doing! For my experiment, I’m going to extract the phtyochemical quercetin from the peels of a variety of organic and conventionally grown apple cultivars and then run an HPLC on my samples to see if organic apples have higher levels of this particular compound than their conventional counterparts. Make sense? I must say I’m pretty excited that I get to play with all of this fancy equipment, and I have my own bottle of pure quercetin waiting for me in the lab. So cool. So geeky. I know.
3.) My second half marathon is just weeks away! I have blisters! I’m chafing in weird places! I have experienced the joys of eating energy gels while running the Long Slow Run! I can’t wait!
4.) And to top it all off, Sufjan Stevens is coming out with a new boxed set of Christmas CD’s! Joy to the world!

Okay, well that’s about all for now. What exciting things have happened to you lately?

Have a stupendous weekend!



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