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Study Breaks

It’s that dreaded, yet anticipated time of year. It’s finals week. The term “finals” has both a good and a bad rep. The good is that there is usually a long break from school waiting for students once they finish their finals. The bad is that they actually have to get through their finals in order to get to that winter or summer break. Finals can be stressful, but I’ve came up with some studying tips to help you get through the busy week ahead.

1) Alternate between the multiple exams you have to study for. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to study for three hours for your Biology final, because that’s probably not going to happen. Instead set aside maybe a half hour to study for Bio, then spend another half hour studying for another exam, and then come back to studying for Bio.

2) Remember to take study breaks! A simple ten minute study break can recharge your brain and get your mind off of all the studying you’re doing.

3) Be organized and plan your week out. Figure out what finals need to be studied for and on what days. Prioritize your studying in order of what finals are first or which ones require more studying.

4) Give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve made it through finals week! It can be stressful and you might feel like you didn’t do your best but you still got through it and deserve a round of applause!

I hope that one or more of these tips will help you get through finals week! Good luck!


As we all know, there were a couple snow days recently. I have never met a student or teacher that does not like snow days. For one, that means a day off. And secondly, snow is just so gorgeous to look at. (At least it is until it gets plowed to the sides of roads in massive, dirty piles.) When I was younger, in elementary and middle school, of course my snow days were spent outside. My brother and I would walk past only a few houses up the street to a church with a giant hill that we would sleigh-ride on (sadly, the hill has now been taken over by the church expansion). It was convenient because we could get there all by ourselves. Eventually, we would come back home and watch the movie Snow Day. You may not be familiar with it, but to me and my brother, it’s a classic (a very corny Nickelodeon movie, but classic).

However, my ways have changed since those days. Now, I prefer to use snow days as a catch-up day. I like to wrap myself in a cozy blanket and get ahead on some school work. This makes me feel so accomplished and ready to conquer the upcoming school days. Don’t worry, I do take breaks in between subjects and watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, or American Idol (I’m not 100% a book worm). As you can see, my inner hermit characteristics come out during my most recent snow days.


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