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Student Teaching

I have never really been one to jump outside of my comfort zone; I never really was brought up to. My life has always been very planned, even vacations; we are the family with an itinerary down to the minute. I just thought that’s how it always was! Well, as I have grown up, become my own person, yes, I do love my predictability, but I have learned how much flexibility and spontaneity are important for me to be successful.

I think the first big jump from my comfort zone was going away to college. Yes, I went to a college where I knew some of the people that went there, however, they were graduating that year so we never had classes together and I only would see them maybe in the cafeteria or at rehearsals. I had to meet new people, rearrange my schedule, depend on myself to get my homework done and go where I needed to go without reminders from my parents. This was a huge shock to my system. But after a few months this too becomes routine. Then the next leap: transferring to a graduate program at a different college. Another place to meet people, this time I knew no one, and I now didn’t have the luxury of living on campus I was now a commuter and the classes I was in only had ten people – if that – in them. How would it ever become routine? Well it does.

Student teaching terrified me because yet again, I was leaving my routines, is now in week 10 and I have settled in. I know my schedules, I know my students, I know my peers and I am comfortable. However, this will all end in 2 more weeks. I will be yet again shot into unknown. I have never seen graduation as a happy time; it has always been absolutely terrifying to me. Those routines and bonds you form are shattered the moment you cross that stage. Yes, you should feel proud, but what now? I have a piece of paper in my hands but no clear set routines formed, no bonds in sight. I remember that feeling after my BFA, and it is slowly creeping in yet again. Come May, what do I do then?


Our prompt for this week is what class has been most important to you in your school career.  While it is not your typical class per se, hands down for me it is student teaching.

I am currently doing my student teaching.  Last semester in Jane Wolff’s Instructional Process, she would repeat week after week that you have to give everything you have got and more to your student teaching.  She was 100% correct. Student teaching has taken over my life. I am not going to lie, it is overwhelming and stressful but it is also the best time of my school career.

Some days I think I am learning more than my students.  It is definitely a collaborative process. I have learned so much in my first few weeks of student teaching.  The most important thing I have learned is BE PREPARED and no matter how much you plan a lesson, something may not go according to plan. This keeps you on your toes and constantly learning.  I am enjoying the journey and savoring every minute of this experience.


This semester has been one of the most challenging for me by far! Final preparation for Student Teaching next semester.  I got to get out to high schools in the area and observe and teach actual lesson plans.  It is exciting and scary all at once to be doing my Student Teaching next semester. I will miss the comfort of going to class but the time has come to apply everything that Fontbonne has taught me throughout my journey of earning my Masters degree.

I am grateful for my learning experience at Fontbonne and will continue to learn and grow everyday. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone luck on their final exams and have a blessed holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


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