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Student Alumni Association

This past week, the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) and the Student Alumni Association came together to host a professional development event on campus. This was a free event for Fontbonne students and included many different professional growth services such as resume assistance, a business etiquette discussion, and a round table event called “Creating your Digital Presence” hosted by Dr. Amy Peach, Director of Instructional Technology. This event allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and begin to take the initial steps of my professional career. This event, which was hosted right at Fontbonne, provided one-on-one instruction from professionals in many different areas to work with me in order to create a Linkedin profile, learn how to network on a variety of social networks, identity my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and get a headshot taken for my Linkedin profile! Overall, the event this past week truly made me get out of my comfort zone and try something completely new. This is just one of the many opportunities that Fontbonne allows for growth and strength-building in the professional world. Additionally, Fontbonne offers career services during the school year which helps students to figure which majors/ minors are best for them and resume-building strategies. Fontbonne University is a place for personal growth, professional development, and an amazing education.


Hi Fontbonne Students,

Mark your calendars for this Monday (Nov. 18) at 12-1pm.

Craig Glover, an Fontbonne alum from the class of 2011, will speak to Fontbonne students about his career in healthcare administration, information management, his work as a chairman of the Confluence Academy charter school system, and more.

Location will be in the Stroble Room (2nd floor of Fontbonne Library).

Hope to see you there.

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Today on campus, the Student Alumni Association held a Brown Bag Lunch Series presentation by Dwight Carter (’96) from Rock Uniform. He talked about his campus involvement at Fontbonne when he was a student here, all the internships he took while in college, and all the different jobs he had before starting his own business. His advice to us was to take as many internship opportunities as possible while in college and to build up our resume, because that is what’s going to get us the job we want.

Dwight Carter is a very inspirational speaker. I admire how he never stopped working towards his dream. Although originally a music business major, he also has a strong interest in fashion events, promotions, and public relations. By turning his interests into a career, he has made a big name for himself and Rock Uniform in St. Louis. I hope that I could become as successful and well-respected as he is in my future career in fashion.

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An organization on campus that I have been a part of for three years is Student Alumni Association for fontbonnesarahthree years now.  On Wednesday night, we had our famous Young Alumni dinner where young alums return to campus and the students ask them about their current jobs.  This year is really awesome because I knew almost all of the alums!  Of course, I did not know where they all work and what they do.  So, these past alums of Fontbonne University came to share all of the wisdom they have received from their work experience.  It is a great networking event for all who come.  Next year, I will come and share my life at work… I can just see it now…Sarah Buffa… Professional Student… Maybe you never know.
One organization that I am involved in is Student Alumni Association (SAA).  They just had a function held at the Magic House that was packed of fun.  I mainly helped in the snack room.  One of my duties was to hand out entries for the Alumni Attendance prize.  So the alums were so chatty with me.  It was great!  They were sharing their experiences while at Fontbonne like what they used to do for fun at Fontbonne.  They kept telling me that Fontbonne really helped to prepare them for the real world.  When I first came here I knew no one, now I know just about everyone on campus.  The groups I get involved with will help to increase my ability to multitask (even though I’m SOOOO bad at that), and make friends.  I am always busy doing something and that I feel keeps me motivated for other tasks.

For more information on activities and clubs on campus, check out  student organizations online.


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