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Stress test

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Stress Test

by Alumni Posts on September 13, 2012

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I’m currently a Pathways student, who is majoring in Special Education. If you’ve read my blogs before, you know my story but here is a little about me. I went to college when I was 18 at NWMSU and majored in English and then switched my major to Elementary Education with an emphasis in English ( couldn’t lose all those credits, could I?). When I was a junior my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my world fell apart. My parents couldn’t afford my education and I didn’t qualify for financial aid based off of my parents income. So, long story short I had to quit school, get a job and try here and there to continue my education. Through this time, I always prayed to God to allow me to return and finish the degree, that I promised both my parents I would.

I’m now 41 and blessed to have found the Pathways program through Fontbonne two years ago (my how time flies). It gives me the ability to work, go to school online, and have my family. I am thankful daily for the Pathways program because it will allow me to live my dream of being a teacher within my own classroom soon. I currently have three classes online. This year has been filled with stress and strain in my personal life, from health concerns to a separation in my marriage. I am blessed though to have three awesome cheerleaders in my life, God, Emily (my daughter), and Dale (my son).

This week in my health class. I saw that I have an assignment that is doing a stress test. I literally laughed and cried at the thought of taking it and then writing about it. I think this could be the most cathartic assignment that I have had in all my college classes. I have to physically take a written test but also get to grade it and then write about my findings. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately in my life because of guilt over my marriage, inability to pay my bills and mortgage in a timely manner, and guilt over not being able to provide for my kids like I want. This is why this health class assignment literally came at the right time for me. It will give me the ability to express my feeling and emotions that have me hurting so bad onto paper and then more importantly help me to give all those feelings up to God.

I’m thankful for the assignment because it reminds me that I have to give away all of guilt and fears of the future to God because He is truly in control and will love, bless, and guide my path. He did put me on the path to finish my degree when He placed Fontbonne in my path. For that I am so grateful today.

I want to share a Bible verse from the church service I attended this Sunday. It is found in 2 Corinthians 3:18- “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord”. My pastor talked to us about not seeing all the stress, strain, etc. when we look into the mirror but challenged us to look daily in the mirror and see the face of God. So, there’s a challenge for both you and I this week. Let us take time daily to look in the mirror and no see all the imperfections, stress, or beauty but see the face of God. It is the face that God loves and cares about and wants to set out into the world and be the face, feet, and hands of Him so we can bless others around us with His love and face.

Blessings on your week- Sherry


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