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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Spring Break

by Alumni Posts on March 21, 2014

in College Life

Spring break is always much anticipated and much appreciated when it comes. Although I have no plans to travel, but I wish I did, I plan to make this Spring Break eventful and productive! Mine got started a couple days early thanks to my teachers cancelling classes and so far I have stayed busy with babysitting, working, and observing in Middle Schools for practicum hours. I do not see this changing next week either. Which is a good thing. I like earning money, I enjoy spending time with the kids I watch, and I love being able to be involved in classrooms and see different teaching styles in place.

Other than my usual busy agenda, the two most exciting parts of my Spring Break are going to be St. Patrick’s Day and painting my new room at home! Sunday is one of my best friends, and roommate’s, 21st birthday, so on Monday we are going to Dogtown (Irish neighborhood in St. Louis) for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and then going to my grandma’s house (which is just down the street from the parade) for a celebration with my family and all the corned beef and potatoes my stomach will handle.

I am also moving into what used to be my brothers’ room in our basement that one wall is just a bookshelf, and I am very excited to get to paint that room and make it my own since I have never had my own at home. Being the youngest of 4, and growing up in the city, there is very limited space so my own room is a big deal! I picked a coral color for the bookshelf wall, and a mint green like color for the others. I hope they go well together!


If I had to pick a favorite color, without a question, it would be green.

It’s also conveniently associated with the environment, and I love “going green.”

Fontbonne is becoming "greener" via our Southwest Hall garden!

A recent holiday that just occurred was St. Patrick’s Day…a holiday that is conveniently very green.

The Fontbonne HES Department had a Student Food Demo that was St. Patrick’s Day-themed, which I really enjoyed.

Fontbonne Students showing us how to make various food dishes.

I was pretty excited about it.

The mashed potatoes were probably my favorite. I'm a big fan of potatoes.

Utilizing technology in the kitchen!

We even had dessert!

I was excited to win an attendance prize! This peeler will definitely come in handy for my own personal cooking.

And now a few gems from the Dogtown St. Patrick’s Parade. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with different St. Louis neighborhoods, Dogtown is considered the traditionally Irish neighborhood.)

We were excited to arrive at the parade.

I enjoyed looking at everyone's festive attire.

I spy a Kermit the Frog.

Let the parade begin!

There was some singin'...

There was some smilin'...

Fancy Irish parade floats...

There was some Irish dancin' of course...

"The Brady Bunch" was even there. 😉

Just your neighborhood leprechaun strolling along...

People handing out beads like crazy!

This is my friend, Ahmed, experiencing a St. Patrick's Day parade for the first time, since he's from Iraq.

Me, Ahmed, and fellow Fontbonne blogger Marielle after the parade festivities.

Peace, Love, & Lots of Green.


It is always easier for me to make it through a week or two when I have something to look forward to, and luckily lately I have had things to look forward to. This past Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day and since I come from a big, Irish family I am always excited to go to the parade and enjoy some corned beef and potatoes with the family! And starting Friday afternoon, I will be on Spring Break which I get to spend in Florida with my sister which should be a lot of fun because we have never seen the ocean! And then 5 or 6 weeks after spring break will be summer break so I am very thankful for how quickly this semester is going by because between classes, school work, working, and babysitting it has been a stressful one! I just have to keep looking ahead and remembering that all of this stress is very worth it!


I’ve got another neighborhood highlight for ya this week: Dogtown.  Traditionally an Irish neighborhood, it’s home of the most authentic St. Patrick’s Day parade in the STL – put on by the Ancient Order of Hibernians. I’m not certain exactly what that means, but it sure does sound authentic, right?

I’m pleased to report that I went to the parade for the first time this Sunday and it was just wonderful! I’ll admit it was rather cold, but the fun and festivities helped keep it enjoyable. I saw lots of floats, got a bunch of beads, and pretended I was Irish for the day.  And isn’t that what St. Patrick’s Day is all about?


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