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St. Louis Science Center

Are you ready for this rain to stop like I am?  Well, to have some fun while it rains here are some ideas to do around St. Louis to make the rainy day blues to go away!

  1. Visit the Art Museum-Free
  2. Walk around the History Museum-Free
  3. Explore at the Science Center-Free
  4. Crawl around at the St. Louis City Museum-$12 for adults
  5. Embrace the greenery at the Jewel Box in Forest Park- $1 per person!

If you have not been to any of these places I highly recommend going! So what are you waiting for? Put on some rain boots and check out these fun places!



Unlike big state universities, Fontbonne is unique because it provides individualized attention and services. There are many activities to do throughout campus. There are movie nights, festivals, and holiday celebrations. In the beginning of the year, there is welcome back week and people hand out candy and host activity fairs that help students get involved. Since we got a new president this year, an inauguration ball took place at the St. Louis Science Center and it was lots of fun.


As those of you who’ve read my blogs know, I’ve been involved with the St. Louis Science Center since May.  I began as an intern there months ago in May the week after school got out for the summer, and in August I transitioned from an intern to a volunteer (with a nice, three-weeks-before-school-started break in between).  Every first Friday of the month, the Science Center has what is called – you guessed it! – First Friday.  This is a campus-wide event during which the museum stays open late.  Visitors can eat dinner at the Fizz Factory concession stand, catch an Omnimax film and a Center Stage show, and partake in various table-top activities that share a central theme.

I’ve been wanting to go to a First Friday event since June; however, I always happened to be busy on those Fridays (and inevitably free on the Fridays prior to and immediately following the “first” one).  But last night, I finally made it to the event.  And let me tell you – it was definitely worth it.

I took my parents to see the adorable new film “Born to Be Wild,” which tells the stories of two women – one in Kenya and one in Borneo – who are saving the lives of orphaned elephants and orangutans.  After that, we saw a special Center Stage presentation by the St. Louis Zoo that talked about the Zoo’s efforts to save endangered Hellbender salamanders (which, by the way, are native to Missouri) and penguins.  Later on, we saw my friend, Sara, holding one of her friends, an owl from the World Bird Sanctuary.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first First Friday.  I absolutely love the Science Center, and being able to go there after hours is always fun.  Next time you’re looking for inexpensive fun, I’d suggest that you make room on your calendar for a First Friday event.  It won’t let you down.

PS – Be sure to check out the upcoming First Friday events in addition to other fun happenings at the Science Center!


Happy St. Louis Fashion Week! This week is a chance for St. Louis to celebrate its vibrant fashion scene. All this week, many exciting fashion events are occurring at various local retailers. One of the events I went to was called Project: Design! Six local fashion designers showcased their collection in a runway show that took place in the amazing Exploradome at the St. Louis Science Center. Each of the designers have a very different aesthetic, so a wide variety of fashions were found.

First, Jessica Affsprung made some cool velvet blazers and dresses. Then, Lauren Bander (whom was the winner) showed a collection full of gold and purple flowing silhouettes. Next, Michelle Sansone put fiercely tailored jackets down the runway and was the only one to feature menswear. Following was Ashley Ulicni, whose collection consisted of poofy, bedazzled ballgowns. After that came Elise Lammert, whom was voted “fan favorite” via Twitter that night. She created outstanding pieces by using odd recycled materials, such as coffee filters. Lastly, Whitney Manney ended the show by bringing the audience back to the ’80s with neon and acid-wash apparel. Personally, she was my favorite, for I love mixing patterns and wearing bright colors year-round. In fashion, it’s very important to take risks!

I loved seeing some of the talent that St. Louis has to offer. I am very glad that I attended this event. It made for a fun night out, a break from school work, and inspiration to follow a dream (just like the featured designers). Each of them stuck to their unique personal style, which is a trait I admire and aspire to.

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. “


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