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St. Louis Rams

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, at least one of them – The NFL Football season is back in full swing, the St. Louis Cardinals clinched a playoff spot, and the steamy days of this St. Louis summer are making room for brisk fall weather. If you’re like me the pinnacle of your week begins Sunday at noon – Fantasy Football! Nothing compares to sitting around with your buddies exchanging un-pleasantries about each other’s hand-picked teams, enjoying a smorgasbord of high caloric foods, a cold bottle of fermented fluid in hand – if you are of age – and watching (hopefully) the St. Louis Rams and your fantasy football team bring home a double-u.

This season, like years past, is full of bone-breaking hits, breath-taking tackles, game-changing interceptions, weird broken plays, epic diving catches, and much more. However there are some new trends this season in the NFL. For one, our western Missouri adversaries – the Kansas City Chiefs – are undefeated at 3-0! I can appreciate that yet they have played subpar teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately the dynasty that is the New England Patriots is still wining at a record of 3-0 even though they lost most of their offensive firepower they have squeaked out a couple victories. In addition to the list of undefeated teams, add the Miami Dolphins, who have surprised many so far this year.

On this side of the state the St. Louis Rams are beginning to struggle. Looking promising in their debut against the Arizona Cardinals we saw a pretty solid defense and a poised 4th year quarterback find his stride. Yet when traveling to Atlanta and Dallas, the Rams couldn’t maintain. Falling victim to an inordinate amount of penalties, highly questionable offensive game plans, and gaps in the run and pass defense, the Rams have fallen to 1-2. I’m no NFL offensive guru but I have to pose the question – How many times are Rams going to try and run screens and dump off passes at the line of scrimmage when our strengths are spreading the field and using the run to open the passing game? The rest of the NFL season should prove interesting as no team – except maybe the Denver Broncos – have showcased their elitism.


Alumni Posts

A stressful week

by Alumni Posts on November 7, 2011

in In Saint Louis

Coming down from all the excitement in St. Louis this weekend, on Tuesday night I snapped back to reality and remembered I had big projects ahead of me and needed to buckle down. I had intended to blog about how exciting Friday night was because the Cardinals won the World Series and the on Sunday the Rams won their first game right before the Cardinals celebration parade on Sunday. Then Monday, Tony LaRussa announced he was retiring which was kind of sad, but he went out on a high note! David Freese has been the buzz everywhere! He was on Leno (or was it Letterman?) AND Ellen! He was even at the Galleria mall last night…So close, and I still didn’t get to see him 🙁

But other than all the exciting St. Louis stuff, I have been working and going to class all week and working on projects and papers diligently. As soon as I feel like I have gotten ahead in classes, I always get more work assigned. Typical. But I can’t complain too much, I knew what college held for me and I wouldn’t want to give this up! I love college!


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