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St. Louis Cardinals


My Passions

by Courtney on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

One thing I love about college is finding out what really interests you and what your passions are.  So I am here to tell you a few of my passions!

  1. Taking adventures- I love finding new places to hike, walk my dogs, and eat around St. Louis.  There are so many opportunities around St. Louis!
  2. St. Louis Cardinals- My family have always been Cards fans and now that I live in St. Louis, my love for them has grown even more.  I love going to Busch Stadium and cheering them on and enjoying the amazing atmosphere that other Cardinal fans possess.
  3. Helping Others- I love helping others whether it is here at Fontbonne or volunteering at a food bank.  It really alters my perspective and makes me feel so great afterwards.  I believe everyone should try to volunteer, especially with all the opportunities around the city.


For the love of Sports

by Mary on March 8, 2017

in Uncategorized

For me, I am very passionate about sports in general as I watch many different sporting events throughout the week.  I am a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues as I faithfully keep up with their schedules and stats throughout the season.  I have always been a sports fan since I was a young kid as my dad used to bring me to his adult hockey games when he would play late at night out in Chesterfield.  Also, my parents have always taken the opportunity to bring me along to Cardinals baseball games at Busch stadium as I have plenty of memories of old Busch and New Busch.  I have sat in almost all areas of the new stadium since it was inaugurated in April of 2006 and I had the opportunity to go to the Home Opener that year.  I have also seen countless postseason Cardinals games over the years as well as a handful of Blues postseason games with my family.  One of my greatest memories from a St. Louis Cardinals Postseason game was in October of 2006 when we won game 5 of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. I am a passionate Cardinals fan because I faithfully follow them from April until September and I even keep up with who is on the DL, oh I mean the disabled list. When I have the chance to attend a game at Busch it is always exciting and I cheer for all of my favorite players throughout the game. And when I am watching the game along with my friends or my teammates they don’t understand why I yell at the TV for a bad call that was made by the umpire.

Although I am very passionate about this team, that is not the only sport I am passionate about.  I also keep up with Professional Golfers who are on tour and I try to watch the tournaments that are a big deal.  I follow players like Dustin Johnson, Jordan Speith, and Justin Thomas on Social Media. As a golfer myself I like watching their technique and seeing their amazing shots go in the hole, especially on days when they are playing amazing rounds of golf.  It’s always fun to see how they do when they have those tricky shots because it makes me realize that I am not the only one who encounters tricky golf shots when out on the course. I enjoy seeing the winner hoist that trophy at the end of each trophy and I have even watched a few trophy ceremonies before.  Both the officials and players make it seem like it is the most coveted thing to ever hold and they handle it with care.  It makes a golf tournament trophy similar to that of the World Series trophy or the Limbardi trophy that is hoisted every February.  Except in the game of golf coveted trophies are hoisted much more frequently than a World Series trophy that is given to one team at the very end of the season. There is so much excitement surrounding the game of golf because you want the players to do well while competing on the course, but if you are there following along you have cheer silently unlike other major sports.

Thanks for reading why I am passionate about sports, particularly Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and Professional Golf.


I had a good time at the RHA table at Fall Fest. It was a cold night, but it was fun to see everyone celebrating the fall. RHA had a table for decorating cookies. It was a good turn out at the table. It was nice that the cards game was on. I remember last year it was inside, but beng outside was a nice change. There was some pumpkin tables, bowling, a costume table and a few others. There also was two fire pits going so we can all warm up.


I have always been a Cardinals fan. I love going to their games and the atmosphere at the stadium. It has been really awesome living in St. Louis and going to Cardinals games. The whole city loves the Cards. Everybody is cheering for them. The atmosphere in the whole city is really cool to experience. I don’t want baseball season to end! Let’s get 12 in 13!


Most Wonderful Time of The Year

by Alumni Posts October 14, 2013

Now, from my title you are probably thinking “It’s the middle of October, why is this girl posting about Christmas already?!” And since you probably don’t know me, that is a very honest question. But for those who know me know that Red October is my favorite time of year. A fall baseball game is […]

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Baseball Heaven

by Alumni Posts October 3, 2013

When someone hears the words “St. Louis”, there are many things that come to mind. There’s the decadent gooey butter cake, Ted Drewes, toasted raviolis, heck, even the Arch. But to most people,(especially those who live in StL), one thing tends to consistently pop into mind. That being, baseball. Ahh, yes, the Cardinals. And with […]

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New Perspective

by Alumni Posts September 30, 2013

I cannot just pin point one Fontbonne experience that is the best. I have got to experience so much since I have been in St. Louis. I come from small town in Illinois. I would say it is a sheltered community. Coming to Fontbonne has really opened up my eyes. I have a new perspective […]

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It Feels Like a Perfect Night.

by Alumni Posts September 27, 2013

I can’t wait for this weekend to start! Today is my 22nd birthday and my mind is blown. It does not feel like I should be 22 yet. Tonight I am going to the blues game with some friends. Which as a birthday present to myself I bought Blues vs. Blackhawks tickets for October 9th. […]

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As the weather cools, the competition heats up…

by Alumni Posts September 24, 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, at least one of them – The NFL Football season is back in full swing, the St. Louis Cardinals clinched a playoff spot, and the steamy days of this St. Louis summer are making room for brisk fall weather. If you’re like me the pinnacle of […]

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Fontbonne Activities

by Alumni Posts October 22, 2012

This semester, sooooo many great events and activities have been planned for students. A ton of volunteer opportunities, as well as student activities have been organized to encourage more student involvement, and it is totally working. I attended World Food Day at John Burroughs High School, with Fontbonne In Service and Hunility, or FISH earlier […]

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