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spring fever

I realize that I am pretty late for springtime daydreaming, though I think it is not too late to still think about the adventures of spring and summer.  After staying inside all winter, nothing compares to going outside and playing with friends.  When I was a kid I can just remember all of the adventures I would have with my siblings.  We would run around the backyard for hours it felt like, playing volleyball, swinging on the swing set, having a water gun fight, a game of washers, or anything else like that.  Spending time with family or friends is a great way to spend time together.  I still remember a huge water balloon fight that we once had, it was like all over the backyard.  Though now that I am older, I cannot wait to spend more time outside once allergies die down.  Being allergic to so many things outsides does take a toll on the body at times.  So far, I have had at least one sinus infection for 2015 with allergies but that has not stopped me from enjoying the sunshine.  Whenever I am at home and doing homework, more than half of the time, all the blinds are open in the room I picked to do homework, letting in as much natural light as possible.  Then I also take a seat by a window to enjoy the view at the same time.  My desk actually faces one of the windows to nature’s view around me at home.  Though when not doing homework, I enjoy playing dominos on a huge blanket with friends outside.  If it’s in my backyard, then we will leave my dog outside to enjoy the weather with us.  There are so many various opportunities to spend outside in this wonderful city.  Plus if you want to make sure not to spend money, that’s where creativity comes in handy but also patience.  Thinking of something to do on the spot at least for me does not come easily but over time I can think of ideas – Pinterest does come in handy here as well.  But taking your time to explore the city is also important and a great experience.  There are so many attractions to enjoy and experiences to be made.


While it’s not officially Spring yet, I’ve noticed many people around the Fontbonne Campus catching “Spring fever.”

Our campus’ hammocks have also appeared in the Medaille Meadow, which should be a sure sign of Spring coming!

Along with this, I’ve noticed more sunny days and the Fashion Merchandising Students are getting ready to host their Spring Fashion Show at [RE]FRESH by collecting reused clothing and looking for/casting models for the Fashion Show on April 26th! If you live around the area, you should definitely check it out!

A collection bin on campus for clothing to donate to REFRESH!

My Fellow Fontbonne Friends and I modeling at the Fashion Show last year.

Other exciting happenings around campus as we prepare for Spring…

The Environmental Club helped us get these nifty blue recycling bins for Fontbonne Residents!

There was a Pi Memorization Contest in honor of Pi Day! My friend Claire (on the right) won with memorizing 115 digits of Pi!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine.


I don’t have a car on campus, so I mostly walk everywhere. I was out walking today because I was going to meet friend at the Einstein Bagels on Clayton and loved how wonderful the weather was! I know that it’s supposed to get colder tomorrow, but today was just a friendly reminder that spring will be here before I know it. Although I was hoping to get at least one big snow storm before winter is over, I’m looking forward to the nice temperatures of spring. Even though winter is my favorite season because I get to go ice skating with my friends, drink hot coffee in the morning, and winter holds the holiday season, spring is nice because I’m able to go on nice, long walks and have out door picnics with my friends.


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