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Music plays a huge role in my life. From a young age, I was listening to The Beatles and my tastes have grown since. I will admit that when I think back to what I was listening to when I was thirteen, I cringe a little. I don’t know how my parents allowed me to listen to Hanson or Savage Garden. These days, I listen to a variety of music and each serves a purpose for me. I like to listen to the more upbeat, pop music when I’m cleaning or getting ready for a night out. I often refer to these as “dance parties.” There’s typically more dancing and loud singing than there is cleaning.  I drive 45 minutes to work and 45 minutes home each day so I have a “driving” playlist in my iTunes.  Depending on my mood, I either play songs that I can belt it out to or songs that help get my energy up in preparation for what will be a rough day.  It’s interesting that I always sound EXACTLY like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, or Florence Welch when I’m in the car!!  I almost always have music playing while I’m doing my homework.  I used to listen to Pandora but sometimes a song would come on and I felt like Pandora didn’t know me at all!  Now I listen to Spotify regularly.  Sometimes I will pick an artist at random and make a radio station or I’ll just listen to all the songs ever made by an artist.  I like to listen to low-key music while studying so that I don’t get too distracted.  My favorite band to listen to while doing homework: Death Cab for Cutie.  My favorite band to listen to after a break up: Dashboard Confessional.  My favorite artist to listen to while working out: Skrillex.  My tastes are all over the board but each band or artist I listen to speaks to me in a way that is unique for me.  I believe that is what makes music so wonderful; it can bring us all together but serve a different purpose to each individual.


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Addiction: Spotify

by Alumni Posts on February 5, 2014

in Academics

Spotify is for sure my new addiction in life. Thanks to my best friend Erica. I use to be a loyal Pandora user, but I found my love elsewhere. Spotify is just perfect; it fits everyone’s music needs. I have multiple playlists. Anything from Frank Sinatra to System of a Down. Some of my playlists are called: #GetYourCountryOn, MetalMadness, Chicago!, Mainstream, RockinNRoll, and Throwback. Just to name a few. ha. I have a lot.

As for studying, I usually listen to my #GetYourCountryOn and Throwback playlist. Of course some Sinatra as well. Those usually help me focus more. It gets me in the zone, if you will. There are a few songs that may just get me a little distracted. For example, “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. LOVE that song. It just puts me in a good mood every time I hear it. It is just a song you have to stop what your doing and sing to it. You just have too.

Keep rockin’ Fonty’s.


If you live on campus and have walked along the third floor, you have probably heard Taylor Swift’s sweet voice emanating from behind my doorway. Spotify has so kindly reminded me that I “have not listened to Taylor Swift in awhile.” If you are a Spotify user, you know that there is a “Discover” section, where Spotify reminds you of artists you have not listened to in awhile and introduces you to new artists. Anyway, I could go on and on about the advantages of Spotify, but I’ll save that for another post. The point is that I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift, and only Taylor Swift, for four days straight. Listening to the old albums and “dancing around in my pj’s” while prepping for my day has left me reminiscent — and kind of homesick. It’s funny how music can change your mood and remind you of specific memories. I remember dancing to T-Swizzle in my friend’s living room when I was about thirteen years old. We used to choreograph dance moves and sing along to the songs at the top of our lungs! Of course, like every good heartbreak song, many of Taylor’s songs remind me of past relationships — ones I can look back on and smile and ones I would rather forget. But sometimes even if a song makes you sad, it can help you deal with your emotions and reflect. Sometimes you just need to grab your iPod, sit down outside, and think. Or maybe you need to grab the car keys, blare the radio and drive down a back road. My mom always says you need to take time to yourself and think in silence, and while the first is true, the latter I could argue. You don’t necessarily need silence to reflect, in fact, my thoughts flow better while I am listening to music. You know how people can never find the right words to say? Well, sometimes I don’t even know the right words to think. Music sort of nudges my mind and helps me figure out exactly how I feel about a situation. I encourage you to find a song this week that throws you into flashback mode or helps you figure out your emotions. Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to start, I’ve compiled a list below based on mood:


The Dumbing Down of Love by FrouFrou

Fun/In The Car Sing-a-Long:

Slow Down by Selena Gomez


Help I’m Alive by Metric


Hands by The Ting Tings

Ready to Travel:

You Are A Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie

So Over You:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

…And I’ve moved on:

Begin Again by T-Swizzle

I Feel Like Dancin’:

Dancin’ in the Street by David Bowie


Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson

No One Understands Me/Rebel Phase:

Noserings and Shoestrings by Nina Nesbitt


Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

Starting Over:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield


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