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Special Education


About Me

by Adriana on September 19, 2016

in College Life

Hi everybody!

My name is Adriana Salazar, I am 20 years old and I am a transfer student from Ecuador! I think is amazing that we can have this space for sharing opinions and experiences about what we are going through in our lives.

In this post I am going to share 10 things about me 🙂

  1. My home city is called Guayaquil. It is a great city, you will always find something to do and it one of the two biggest cities in Ecuador.
  2. I am bilingual girl. I went to a bilingual middle school and high school, so that is how I learned English. I have to admit that sometimes I struggle with some words and grammar issues.
  3. In my family we are 6. My parents, my two little brothers, and my dog; her name is Lu and she is a beagle.
  4. I want to major in Special Education and maybe minor in Speech Language Pathology. I enjoy interacting with kids and I am very interested in learning about children with special needs.
  5. I am part of Schoenstatt Catholic movement since I was a little girl. Being part of Shoenstatt has been a great way for me to involve God in my life.
  6. I love photography. I have never been in photography course, but I would really like to do one. I just take photos as a hobby. This year I decided to start an Instagram portfolio which is about my city, Guayaquil, the purpose of it is to let people know the different things you can found in the city. The account is called: life_in_guayaquil
  7. I did my first year of college in Ecuador and this year I transferred to Fontbonne. I am currently in my sophomore year.
  8. I choose Fontbonne University because I really like the Special Education program they offer here. I also like the fact that it is a small campus and I think St. Louis is a very nice city.
  9. I listen to different kind of music genres and I am always exploring new music. My favorite soundtrack right now is Fruta Vol. II by Caloncho. It is a mix of tropical beach music, very relaxing, and it is on spotify. If you are having a stressful situation, just listen to it.
  10. I would like to roadtrip South America once in my life.



Guayaquil City.


Hello everyone,

One of the most terrifying things I have discovered about college is only two words and it is MAJOR APPROVAL! This comes in a lovely form that tells the college you are going to what you will be studying to become for the duration of your stay. This means that you have pretty much picked your future career. Once you have decided and filled out the form that states the life you have chosen, it is difficult to switch. It might be easy to say, “Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore!” Changing it on paper is not as easy. 1) The paperwork needed to switch majors is grueling to do especially if you are lazy, and 2) most of the classes you have taken probably pertain to the major you picked first and switching means all that money you spent on previous classes was wasted. Some are lucky and have classes that work for the major that was and the major that will be, but money is money and it cannot be given back because of a lapse in decision making. How are you supposed to know you will like the major you picked, though?! Unfortunately, there is no exact science to know for sure.

I have picked Special Education as my major and Fontbonne University has made me realize what a daunting task I have decided on. Education, in general, involves many steps to complete and a lot of money in between. Education courses only count for education, obviously, so if I didn’t like it in the end, I would be back at square 1. I was nervous and overwhelmed every time I looked at this checklist to become a teacher, though! Eventually, I looked pass the checklist and looked at what I really decided on as my career choice. I picked children. I chose to be an educator and a life-long learner because I wanted to spread the knowledge I have and will have. I did not pick the list of tasks needed to be a teacher, but that won’t stop me from doing what I want to do. I was lucky enough to have taken an Education course that put me in the classroom and seeing all of those kids only solidified my resolve.

So all I am saying is that one way to know if you have the right major is to stand back and look. Is the list of tasks to get to your end goal too much? Can you see pass it to what you will become? If you are having difficulty, try finding hands-on experience and do a test run. Otherwise, your unwillingness to move forward might be an indicator. Again, we can never be sure we are making the right decisions about our future, but we can do our best and see what happens. GOOD LUCK to ALL of you!!! I am simply a voice you can choose to or choose not to listen to.


Hello Everyone,

Long time no blog! Well for those you new to the scene, let me introduce myself. I am Jeanne Eveld. I am a sophomore seeking a career in Special Education. I picked Fontbonne for its small, but close-knit community. I did not find it hard to get involved and make new friends at Fontbonne! Plus, they have a GREAT education program! If it doesn’t already show, I love kids and look forward to showing them all the knowledge out there that they can learn.

I am also an avid reader, and reading is a deep passion of mine that I take part in frequently (almost too frequently!). I am currently reading the Divergent Trilogy even though only two are out and the third won’t be out until 2013!! It is a pretty intricate futuristic novel about the world’s population broken up into 5 factions, each focused on one quality, like bravery or selflessness. It focuses on the journey of one girl who tries to find which faction she truly belongs in when it seems like she fits into more than one and that is an unusual quality in this book’s world. Well that was my book plug!

I like anything involving the outdoors, such as hiking, knitting (I’m not good though), and watching a plethora of movies (Princess Bride wins as the BEST!). That is me, so come back and read some more. I write weekly, and I try to keep it informational in one form or another. So, enough about me, what about you?



I remember fondly my young, idealistic self who went to college the first go around as an English major. My goal was that I wanted to be an investment broker. I had big plans that I would make tons of money and then settle in and have a family and then use my degree to teach secondary education.

Well, life had other things in plan for me. I still love to read and write but I didn’t find my path as an English major. Although I can talk a good game about my favorite tale from the Canterbury Tales or tell you all about how I believe The Great Gatsby to be one of the best American novels there is.

My life took a turn my junior year of college when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was not able to pay my tuition anymore. To compound the situation, I could not qualify for financial aid because I was attached to my parents’ income. With all this going on, I felt it was better to find my own way, and I moved to Lee’s Summit, got a job as a preschool teacher, and continued to work on finishing my degree at the community college. I got married and had my first child, and I still held fast to my old dreams of having my degree, but through teaching at Headstart, I learned that I wanted to be involved with children and education.

Finally, years have passed and I have two great kids, a hubby and three furchildren. This is not the life that I had imagined leading but wow, I’m so thankful that this is the path that God placed for me. Through my job as a paraprofessional at the high school in town, I found another path that God wanted me to take. I gained interest through my experience in special education. When I was sent an e-mail about the Pathways program at Fontbonne, I knew it was a God thing.

Through the Pathways program, I have gained knowledge about the disabilities that various students face and how I can better help guide their paths. I have learned everything from how to test students for reading disabilities to other handicaps. This, and the encouragement from the staff of the Pathways program and my instructors, has helped me to not only gain confidence in my chosen major, Special Education, but to gain confidence in myself and my ability in the classroom and in life.

I am constantly being asked about the program by my friends and others who find out that I’m going back to school. They are not only curious where Fontbonne is but how the online classes work. The classes are challenging, but the ability to do my work form home and make my own schedule is a blessing. The professors and advisers that I have came into contact with are more than willing to help my in my pursuit of a degree, and I truly feel that they are some of my best cheerleaders.

I hope this finds you on the path that God has set for you.

Blessings- Sherry


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