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Finally, it’s Spirit Week! While this week consists mostly of giveaways and games, for me, it’s kind of a relief. Why? Well, after Friday, FAB is done with events for the year—so my work load lightens a bit! Don’t get me wrong—I’m in love with FAB and the work I do for marketing their events, but it’s definitely nice to have less to do as the end of the semester draws near.

Spirit week has quite the line-up. This year is the first year FAB has run Spirit Week this way, where it leads up to Spring Fest, and the reception has been positive thus far! Monday kicked off with water balloon volleyball, and today was tug-of-war contests, with beach balls, sunglasses, and leis being handed out! Tomorrow, Wednesday, people are encouraged to catch the softball game and the baseball game following it, and Thursday will have a limbo contest, with pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris served in Ryan Hall.

But the best part comes Friday, for Springfest! We’ll have a live band playing—Sleeperstar, check them out!—while we offer free food and fun games with opportunities to win prizes! The main gig runs from 11 to 2, and it should be an absolute blast. (I just hope it doesn’t rain!)

However, I think I’m most excited for 7:30 PM on the eve of Springfest, when FAB brings back the Mr. Fontbonne competition. Some of Fontbonne’s finest men will compete in displays of school spirit, trivia knowledge, and talent. The winner will be crowned Mr. Fontbonne—and win a prize of his choice, including $250! I really think FAB has done an excellent job in planning and putting this event together, so I’m excited to see how it turns out! See you there!

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Around this time last year, I was asked to come on board to FAB—the Fontbonne Activities Board. The group had just restructured slightly, and had developed a new position called “Marketing Director.” Geoff Edwards, FAB’s adviser, invited me for no reason really other than I happened to be an advertising major. Keep in mind, I’m not the only ad major on campus, nor was I really qualified in any way at the time. So, initially I turned the offer down. Geoff wrote back and said the position would look great on a resumé. Ah, too true—and how desperate I was (and am) to build up my resumé! So I accepted.

FAB has been an incredible experience. But, I’m not actually here to reflect on that—I actually want to talk about the hustle and bustle of FAB as of late! See, the year is coming to a close (one month of classes left!) and so FAB is planning its last events: Spirit Week and Springfest! The chairs in charge of these events have been busting their butts to get everything ready for these events, and I’ve been doing all I can to stay on top of my end of the deal and prepare advertising for it. (Speaking of which—are you on facebook? Become a fan of FAB and stay up to date on our events!) It’s strenuous, but exhilarating. And let me tell you, these events are going to be awesome. (Look ma, free PR!)

Spirit Week lasts from April 19th to the 23rd, and consists of one day after another of fun contests and free give-aways. It’s our build-up for Springfest, and so both share a common Hawaiian theme this year! So, we’ll have water balloon volleyball, limbo contests, hula-hooping, and free sunglasses, beach balls, and fruit drinks throughout the week. Our theme? Come get Leid! (Those kinds of tag lines are fair game now—we’re in college, after all.) Springfest then takes place on Friday, April 23rd. The main events occur from 11 to 2, and there’s way too much going on for me to list it all here! (So check the facebook event for it!) My favorite part is the band we’re bringing in. They go by Sleeperstar, and they’re pretty awesome. Better yet, we’ve got something special in mind for where they’re going to play—you’ll have to come see it for yourself!

And I better not forget our final event: the Mr. Fontbonne Competition! It’ll be a multi-event competition including showing off talents, demonstrating school spirit, and proving Fontbonne knowledge to pick the best man on campus. And then, of course, that guy wins a huge prize.

April is definitely going to be a wild rollercoaster, and FAB will help make it fun!

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