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Each week during the summer, half of my days are spent babysitting. I guess I shouldn’t really say babysitting anymore since the girls aren’t babies. We can just call me a nanny. That sounds more sophisticated anyway. Emma is 13 and Kara is 10. I have been with them the past few summers, and knew the family well before I started watching them. The girls go to school and play softball with my cousins, so I met them through that.

Although Emma and Kara fight a lot like typical sisters, the three of us have fun together no matter the adventure. Some of the things we do are trips to the zoo, Six Flags (we have season tickets), the pool, and parks with playgrounds. If we just want to get out of the house for a little bit, we’ll grab lunch out or walk up the street to the snow cone stand. Another routine is going to the movies. Wehrenberg theatres have a good summer special. Every Wednesday and Thursday they play a movie for just $1. The movies are typically only about a year old, so they are fairly recent. I enjoy kid movies just as much as they do, so this works out well. Some days are more relaxed and we just chill around the house. But even that is fun, considering we jam to all the One Direction albums while we make One Direction collages. Or we play board games, which is most often the One Direction board game that we made out of an old Candy Land. Do you sense a theme here?

Being with the girls definitely adds a level of excitement to my summers. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment with them. I can’t completely blame it on them though. I get pretty loud myself when we are having too much fun together. We are so close that I practically consider them the little sisters I never had. It’s nice to get paid for something that I hardly consider work.


In my twenty years of living, I think this year is the year I truly am thankful for the Thanksgiving holiday and for my family. I went home for the weekend to get some family time in before basketball season really starts to pick up. Sunday is a tradition for our family to come together and prepare a nice, home-cooked meal together. This Sunday was extra special because we had three extra guests added to our dining room table. My older sister had her fiancé, my boyfriend drove up from St. Louis to Springfield to join us, and my baby sister had her football star boyfriend attend as well. Dinner lasted over an hour, full of good times and reminiscing about our childhood years. Unfortunately I had to drive back home after dinner, but the whole time, I was thanking the Lord for blessing me with good people to surround myself with. How nice of a dinner it was didn’t matter; the fact that all of us were in good spirits, healthy, and our loved ones could join us, meant the world to me. I am extremely thankful for the unforgettable night. College students would fight for more hours in a day. Sunday I was not going to stress; I put all my homework aside, phone in my purse, and concerns/worries out the door to soak up all the good times. In my eyes, this was totally worth it.


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