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Well ladies and gents, salvation has finally decided to grace us. Spring break will be here before we know it, and I honestly couldn’t be happier (I mean, I’m jumping for joy over this way). The trick is, guys, I’m probably gonna be busy with homework and interning the whole break (blah). If I could do anything though, I would most likely shop and sleep, my two favorite words in the English language. Why is that, you ask? Doing these two things will relieve the case of burnout that I have. Besides, I could use an extra large dosage of retail therapy (what girl doesn’t though???). Sleep is an absolute MUST this year, seeing as I always say I’m gonna sleep in but never do, so I owe myself this round of break sleep (trust me, my eyes are begging for it…. BEGGING….)


Black History Fact of the Week: Dr. Mary Frances Berry

Despite the significant obstacles she faced as a child in Tennessee, Dr. Mary Frances Berry has established a reputation as one of the most respected educators in the nation, with more accomplishments still on the horizon.

Born February 17, 1938, poverty split her family apart and she and her brother lived as orphans for a time. While attending segregated high schools during the Jim Crow period in the Deep South, Berry excelled academically and entered Fisk University. She then transferred to Howard University, graduating in 1961.

Berry obtained her Ph.D in history at the University of Michigan in 1966, then went on to work as part of the teaching faculty at the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, Berry oversaw the development of an African-American Studies program.



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One Month

by Alumni Posts on November 15, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

We basically have a month until exams are over, thereby indicating the end of the fall 2013 semester and the beginning of Christmas break. What’s weird is that Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, was just over two weeks ago!

Earlier today, my mom and I went shopping at Gravois Bluffs, a nice complex complete with department stores like Kohl’s, restaurants like Qdoba (my favorite!), and unique stores like Garden Ridge. It’s out in Fenton, Missouri, which is just about twenty minutes from where I live. Anyway, as we were walking through Kohl’s, I realized that I was hearing some of the first Christmas songs I’ve heard this season. It seems too soon for Christmas music! I recalled a lunchtime conversation at work this past week when my friend and fellow intern, Stefanie, told us that she put a gingerbread house kit in her cart while shopping only to put it back when she realized that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

I guess the early hustle and bustle of the holiday season is inevitable. The “Christmas Season” no longer begins with Thanksgiving and ends with the New Year as it used to; each year, the stores begin “celebrating” (aka “marketing”) earlier and earlier. I don’t exactly know how I feel about this – though I’ll admit to looking at the first shipment of Christmas decorations and whatnot displayed at stores in early September, I also enjoy taking the holidays one at a time. (And to that point, I’m sad that Halloween decorations at stores are becoming more and more overshadowed by early Christmas arrivals.) All I can say for sure is that I hope everyone realizes that family and friends are the most important parts of Christmas and that presents and excessive credit card bills are, well, simply excessive.


This is the fourth year I have worked retail on Black Friday. When it comes to this day (which is the most important day for stores), here are all the things to complain about: waking up at 3:30 a.m., fitting past pitched tents as I make my way inside, dealing with angry and sleep-deprived customers that rush through the aisle, running around absolutely nonstop during a nine hour shift, and cleaning up a department that thousands of people just rummaged through.

Despite all of these complaints, there is one fact that rules: Black Friday symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season. So, yes, this may be a crazy day, but I absolutely love it. I love knowing that Christmas is around the corner and winter weather is near. Despite the angry customers, I still believe in the magic of the season and cherish it during this one time of year. Every year on Black Friday, I am entertained by the enthusiastic shoppers and by myself (I get decked out in red and green from head to toe). I feel like a lot of people don’t necessarily shop on Black Friday just for the deals. I think it’s more about the experience and celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

I am not a Black Friday shopper, but am proud to say that I am a Black Friday worker. Happy Holidays!


Hello everyone! I am so excited to begin blogging again. For those of you who did not read last year, here’s a brief introduction.

I am in my second year at Fontbonne University and on my way to becoming a fashion merchandising major. Being here at Fontbonne has only increased and sparked my interest in fashion and the industry. I absolutely love it. Other little facts about me include my hobbies: reading, shopping, dancing, and adoring cats. Shopping is extremely convenient here in St. Louis with the Galleria and The Loop just minutes away, but due to my minuscule college student budget I have been forced to mainly do window shopping recently. I love to dance, and I am anxiously awaiting the tryouts for Fontbonne’s dance team, The Griffin Girls, in a couple weeks. I have danced all my life, aside from a break last year, and cannot wait to (hopefully) continue doing so this year. I am looking forward to being a part of something here at Fontbonne related to athletics. Adoring cats is another one of my lovely hobbies. I have two back at home and miss them every single day. Its hard for me not to sneak them back onto campus with me after a visit, but I will get my fill of feline attention next week here at school. The “Pet-a-Pup” event has returned and will be bringing dogs and a couple of cats to campus so that all students can de-stress with the help of animal interaction.

Speaking of stress, that brings me to my last hobby, reading. I have decided this year that I will make time at the end of each day to read what I choose to, not what is assigned in a class. I think it is important that students don’t get so wrapped up in their schoolwork that they don’t take any time for themselves. That is somewhat how last year went for me and I’m determined to de-stress and give myself a mental break before 6 or 7 hours of slumber. So far it has worked out great. I’ve been able to read books that are actually interesting to me, and it takes my mind off of anything that is bothering me that given day.

My piece of advice for this blog is to do what I’m attempting to do: Don’t get caught up in the stressful times of college 24/7. Take a minute, or thirty, to do something for yourself that you enjoy. That’s exactly what I’m doing and am loving it!

Thanks for reading!


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