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SGA Leadership Banquet

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Leadership and Service Awards put on by the Student Government Association. Every year, SGA puts on a large banquet to honor Fontbonne students and staff and everything that they do for Fontbonne and the Community as a whole. They serve us a fancy dinner and then we get to watch as people accept awards. I got to go and be recognized as an RA on campus, so I got to see everyone who won an award. Everyone who did win something deserved it, and it was so great to see how many wonderful students are on this campus that are committed to Fontbonne and encompassing everything that this school stands for. Congrats to everyone who won, and good luck on finals this week!



Hello Everyone!
I just wanted the end the year with a CONGRATS!! We made it!! I know I still have one more week left and it’s exams, but the end is so near that I can taste it. I have been a busy bee and Fontbonne has been great with making the last few weeks a blast! Just this past Friday, April 27th, I participated in Fontbonne’s annual Service Day. It’s a day where all from the Fontbonne community come together to volunteer at various locations across St. Louis. I volunteered at the Open Door Animal Shelter and played with kittens and walked dogs! The shelter is a “no kill” shelter, and they have hundreds of animals waiting to be taken home. I know I fell in love with every dog that passed by. Besides helping animals, other options were available like the St. Patrick’s Day Center, Project Solomon, and more! This was a great way to spend my Friday, and I am glad Fontbonne gives such an opportunity to all of its faculty and students.
To keep going, on Saturday night, I am sure everyone heard the tornado sirens, saw the golf ball size hail, and got wet in the rain. Fontbonne trudged through the weather and held a delicious SGA Banquet for all who showed initiative in leadership. I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Emerging Leadership Award, but my good friend Claire Toler won because of her outstanding determination to bring awareness of eating disorders to Fontbonne’s campus. The food was amazing and made by our own food service, Ameriserve. The theme was Doctor Seuss, which made my night because I loved reading those books when I was younger. It was great to see all of the people who influence our community and make Fontbonne a better place.

Finally, Spirit Week is this week and it is one of many ways to relieve some of the pressure of exams! Monday was field day, Tuesday was sand volleyball, and Wednesday was karaoke night. Tonight we got to celebrate Cinco De Mayo early with a fiesta and piñatas! I think I am the most excited for Friday’s Spring Fest and the concert in the meadow. We will be having South Jordan playing at Fontbonne, and it should be a good time. I recommend Googling this band because they are pretty impressive. That about wraps up my last post for the semester… Thank you for putting up with my rants, tall tales, and gibbering rambles!!! I’ll see you guys some other time!


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