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This year I embarked on one of the most amazing Spring Break adventure of my entire life.  Though the adventure was full of ups and downs, I wouldn’t have traded anything.  My best friend, Brooke, and I went to three different Charlie Puth shows in a week.  We started with driving four hours to New Albany, IN to visit our friend Jessica.  We spent the night and were able to spend most of the day exploring New Albany.  That evening we traveled to Louisville (about a half hour) to our Air BnB (a website where you can rent someone’s apartment for a short period of time).  Then we made our way to the Louisville show; mind you, we were a few minutes later than what we were supposed to be.  We got all the things and were immediately taken down to Charlie’s dressing room.  It was such a cool experience to walk in to a room and see Charlie sitting casually in a chair. He sang One Call Away in a lower tone to warm up his voice. We got to take a selfie and then stood in line for about two hours after all of that.  We made friends with security and built a relationship with his tour manager.

The Louisville show was amazing and the next morning we were off to Hamilton Ohio.  In Hamilton we got to hangout with Brooke’s family for the day and had such a good time.

The next day we were off to Columbus to see our next show.  On the way to Columbus we noticed a weird smoke coming from my car; we thought this was dust since we were in a construction zone.  Once we realized it was smoke my RPMs starting raving and we had to pull over on the left side of the highway (because we were in the fast lane).  It was approximately 40 degrees outside and we were stuck 6 hours away from our parents.  We didn’t know what to do.

I met some pretty amazing people that day, got to ride in the back of a cop car, connected with Charlie’s tour manager again and got to go on the tour bus to meet Charlie for a second time.  Needless to say, the show was still amazing!

My car was finally fixed and we were celebrating with an Easter egg hunt with Brooke’s family.  Then we were off to our third and final show with two new recruits (Brooke’s cousins).  We managed to get them VIP tickets as well so that they could stand by us.  This time when Johnathan (Charlie’s manager) saw us, we had a greeting of “Friends”.  We were put back into the front row for our final show and it was such an amazing experience.

I couldn’t have asked for a better adventure for my last #FBUSpringBreak.  Check out the video of our adventure below.




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Senior Night

by Alumni Posts on February 14, 2012

in Academics

Senior Night is already here. Oh my, I can’t believe that the season is almost over. Our basketball season started the first week of school. We have become a family and meshing really well the past couple of weeks. I am going to be really sad once it is all over. I am now wondering what I am going to do when I don’t have practice. It has been a part of my every-day schedule, and I feel like I will have too much time on my hands and will become bored. My little sister and my brother have the same spring break. From now until spring break we are having a competition with the Nike trainer application on the iPhone. It will keep me motivated to work out when basketball is over and stay in shape. It is a very intense workout but totally worth it.


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Back to School

by Alumni Posts on September 12, 2011

in Academics,Athletics

Well, I do not know where the time went, but somehow I am already a Senior here at Fontbonne and it seems both sad and happy to me to be starting my last year here. I am not looking forward to leaving the wonderful friends that I have made here behind, or leaving any of the wonderful people I have met here at Fontbonne that have made my college experience so amazing. However, the happy part to me is that I still have this last year to finish off, and I can still make it a good one. I make it a point to get involved on campus so that I get the chance to meet all the incredible people I have already met doing so. I also know that this last year is going to be a fun one. I am excited for the fun activities and events on campus this year. I always love going to the soccer games and rooting on our fellow Griffins. I am going to try to go to as many games in as many sports as I can this year. I also have academic goals that I have set as well as tennis goals and intend to make the most of this year.


So, it’s finally here. This is my last semester of undergraduate college, my final semester at Fontbonne. If you haven’t been keeping track of my life (your loss (just kidding (not really))), I’m graduating this December with a degree in Advertising and Applied Sociology, plus a minor in American Culture Studies. (Note to freshmen: it can be done, so pick up a second major and/or a minor early on).

I’ll get sentimental later in the semester, but not now. No, it’s far too early for that, and there’s still a ton of things to be done. This semester, I’ll be writing my senior capstone paper for Applied Sociology. So far, it’s 29 pages, and I’m only about a fourth of the way through it. I’m supposed to finish that by October 14th, when I’ll be presenting it at a conference in New Orleans (tough life, I know). Meanwhile, I’m dealing with Senior Seminar in Advertising, which is manageable but will get more intense in October. I’m also working on two other course, but they’re both pretty simple. That’s right – I’m only taking 12 hours this semester. And once the senior paper is done and the 8 week course is over, I’ll be effectively taking only 2 classes!

Sounds easy, but it’s not, really. See, I also have this whole post-graduation thing to worry about. Right now I’m looking at a list of 70 advertising agencies I want to apply to, but I’m also going to apply to Yale’s Doctorate program for sociology. I just took the GRE this weekend, so I’ll start talking about the Yale application some more in November when I get my scores.

It’s going to be a really exciting, stressful, and accomplished semester! And I have no doubt in my mind it’s going to fly by. Stay tuned, everyone.


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