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scholarship luncheon

On March 2, 2011, I attended the Endowed Scholarship Luncheon. Luckily, it took place during my break in between classes so I was able to not miss anything too important! (Sleep is only semi-important) At our assigned tables, scholarship recipients sat with their scholarship donors and other important figures at Fontbonne. My donor was not present, and instead, Dr. Taylor, the executive vice president, sat next to me. Since I have work-study, I tend to meet and see fairly important people at Fontbonne because of all the running around I do — seriously I run all over the campus some days!! But, I had never met Dr. Taylor before  nor a few others at our table. He was a very interesting character; the conversation drifted from who the students at the table were to where he was from and a little about what he does at Fontbonne. Lunch was very delicious — but then again I am not a picky eater to begin with!! Then, out of nowhere, some speaker starting calling out the names of the scholarship recipients and informed us we were to have our picture taken with Dr. Golden and our scholarship donor!!  Once, I heard “walk to the camera,” which was conveniently placed in front of everyone, I started to freaaaak out!! It’s hard enough walking in heels, but to do so in front of people who you know are watching your every move — that is nerve-wracking!! Thank God my name was roughly towards the end, giving me enough time to freak out and the crowd ample time to forget about my awkward “walking in heels” strut! After, I made my way to my seat and started to regain a normal heart beat! To top it all off, I was able to take the flower c,enterpiece!! It was a pretty great day!!

Now onto studying for tests and doing homework! wooooo!


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