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College is a world where you are capable of writing a paper in one night because you were up all night studying the night before. In this world of insanity, it is important to be able to balance everything. This includes school, activities, and maybe even work. If you have a clone, you have it easy. However, most of us are not that up-to-date with technology and have to grasp a concept called “balancing.” Learning to balance all these things comes down to two things: organization and prioritizing.

Organizing is all about what you prefer. I like keeping a planner of everything including assignments, social events, and work. If you have something to do, simply write it down. Think of it as past you helping out future you. Organizing isn’t just writing stuff down, it’s getting stuff done. When you have a deadline, stick to it. Deadlines are there for a reason: to avoid being a crazy college student who needs to cram in a whole unit in one night. Organization can be breaking stuff up or keeping track of things, but either way you are staying sane in college. If you organize well, you will have breathing room.

Priorities are easy to define, but hard to set. Yes, the night out with your girlfriends will help you emotionally but it won’t help with the paper due the next day. You may want to visit home, but you have an obligation. You are in charge of your priorities and keeping them straight. School should be top, but a social life is vital to the college life as well. This is where the balancing act comes in and you become less crazy.

In college, no one is actually sane. That’s the fun part, you don’t have to be. You can be stressed, you can be lazy, and you can be successful being a combination of both. The balancing act can seem hectic at points but will help in the long run. So be insane and go to college, it’s one of the best expereiences you can have.


This is my second to last semester as a grad student. Next semester I will be doing my student teaching.  I quit my 9-5 job to focus on school.  I thought  now that I am not working I would have all the free time in the world. This is not true! I have learned that for me being on a schedule is a good thing. Having large blocks of unfilled time during my day started off as procrastination time.

What this semester has taught me the most is balance your time. Prioritize. Before I quit work, my schedule was created by many other factors.  Now it is my choice to create and adhere to my schedule. Change can start off to be rocky but can be a wonderful learning experience in the end.

Happy Halloween!


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