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by DeMarcus on September 24, 2015

in Extracurricular

During the summer I watched the SCREAM series on MTV. We’ve all seen the movies when we were younger and frightened out of our minds….at least until a certain point, then it became comical. When I saw the commercials for the show I became intrigued to see how they would revamp the ghost face character. Well, they’ve gotten a new mask! A new mask makes everything better, right? YES! The characters are fresh and they have potential. At first you’d think the series would be predictable but it actually isn’t. Once you think who the killer is, you don’t! The series is very much modern so you’ll understand the lingo. Just like movie they start off with a famous [well-known] character and then the unknowns. Throughout the summer I would makes sure that I tuned in every Tuesday night at 9 pm because I became hooked, surprisingly. Also when you watch, turn off the lights for added suspense. 😉 Am I convincing you to watch? If yes, then good because it’s really good and has the right amount of thrill. If I’m not convincing you then you’ll be left out because they are coming out with season 2 in 2016!! So get to watching season 1. You don’t want to be left out of my live tweets do you? I didn’t think so. I’ll see you in 2016 for season 2.

Down below is the trailer for season 1. Enjoy:)


Until SPRING BREAK. Not just any spring break. My LAST spring break of college. Say what?! I feel like I graduated from PSHS not too long ago. Though, college has its downs I am really wishing that my last year of college goes slower. The real world is a scary place. I am worried about being ready. I have had a good life so far, thanks to my family and friends. I just hope I am ready for the next part of my life. Which won’t be in Illinois anymore. Scary. Im heading to the West Coast where there will be more opportunities with the industry I want to get into. Chicago will always have a place in my heart, there is just nothing that the state of Illinois can offer me anymore. To me it was a perfect place for a child to grow up in.


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