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I have been at Fontbonne for all 4 years of college. What I learned during my time is the importance of getting involved on campus. It is necessary to make friends, get work experience, and keep busy. Saturday was the award ceremony. I received a participation award for being a member of the student government. I was not expecting this and felt very accomplished when I received it. There were times when I did not feel like attending events for certain organizations. I even questioned why was apart of them. After this ceremony, I felt that all my hard work had paid off!

That wasn’t the end. The next day I attended the ODK annual banquet. If you were graduating that year, you were called up to the stage and received your cords to wear at graduation. I was also proud that I earned my place in ODK, and that I would get to wear these cords at graduation. I had done community service with this group. Again, all my hard work paid off! When I go to grad school, I will spend most of my time on campus and do what I did at Fontbonne.


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