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Saint Louis Bread Company

I am a poor college kid, just like every other college kid in this world. However, I am an exception. I am a jobless and poor college kid. My parents and I had decided before I left for Fontbonne that I would take a leave from my job, and only work on breaks. This was fine for me because I really needed a break from my job and working in the food business. It was also fine with me because I thought I wouldn’t really be spending any money. Oh, was I wrong, Fontbonne is down the street from my two guilty pleasures. They would be Bread Co. and frozen yogurt. It is very hard for me not to go to Bread Co all the time and get my favorite things. It also makes it even harder because that is where I work/ed.

It is time to crack down on savings, and only spend money when I absolutely need too. Next time you think about spending money ask yourself “do I really need this?” Chances are, you don’t.


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Bread Co.

by Alumni Posts on October 19, 2011

in In Saint Louis

I have a problem. That problem is Bread Co bagels. They are ADDICTING! As are many other things at Bread Co, and a big part of my problem is location. For the past 5 years now B.Co has been conveniently located just up the street from the school I have attended. It was right up the street from my high school and is now an easy walk from Fontbonne. I love it, but it is also not such a good thing. If I am not eating on campus, then I am most likely eating at Bread Company. It adds up after a while, especially since within the last 5 days I have eaten there 3 times. I need a break from Bread Co! But they place them self close to everywhere I go, and it is always a healthier choice than all the fast food restaurants so it’s just way too¬†convenient¬†for me to avoid!


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