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Ryan Hall

Tonight I salute the Ryan Hall Healthy vending machine.  Without its chilled mozzarella cheese stick I doubt I would have been inspired to finish reading that 23 page print out about Shakespeare.  It probably would have been pushed aside like many printouts before him: the Moliere reading due next week, that darned final paper research, that poetry piece I’ve been rewriting since last summer…

The “God of Prose” could have been saved! And I do not mean by Jesus. I could have dubbed him a project to complete tomorrow, or even may have given him higher honor, an honor worthy of a “there’s always next-week” level of procrastination. If it had not been for that 9 foot tall light up box full of individually wrapped preserves, that could have transpired, but miraculously,  it didn’t.

I know, some of the people reading this may potentially be saying, “Gee, that’s an awful lot of excitement for a big, snack filled hunk of metal that plugs into a wall.” To which I may potentially retort, “Nay, on this November day, at sundown, whilst my eyes welled with bored tears, my eyelids grew heavy, and my stomach begged, I was struck by a great memory I had of earlier college days when I, as hungry as a hippo, passed by a strip of snack machines in Ryan Hall on the way to a College Algebra test. The lights around the rims of each machine was a spotlight on the bright colors of plastic that nestled inside them. Triangles would have gotten the best of me that day, had I not gotten a Cliff Bar to help me hang on to that cursed Pythagorean Theorem. That metal box can sustain a college student’s life you didn’t even know existed!”

So, as I was overwhelmed with this joyous memory, I scooped golden dollars from the bottom of my purse, and embarked on a journey from the quiet books of the library, to the whirring vending machine filled Halls of Ryan.

Clink! Clink! Two coins entered the machine. Beep! Beep! Two buttons indicated a cheesy selection. Boom! Boom! The cheese hit the bottom of the machine, and my blissful fist hit the glass, unable to inwardly contain my excitement for the righteous, healthy choice I had just made. However, my mission was not yet complete. Once the cheese hit the floor of the machine, I still had to unwrap the beast, consume it, and get back to work. And that I did indeed, in close to 3 minutes.  As for the Shakespeare, I got his chedder, too, using bright yellow lines, though that did take a little longer than 3 minutes. Thank you Healthy vending machine, thank you for helping me survive Shakespeare tonight.


My favorite part of every (other) week is Taco Tuesday in Ryan hall! 🙂 Last semester my friends and I would spend Tuesday nights making dinner ourselves, and this semester we could not find a night that worked for all of our schedules to be able to do that again, so knowing that every other week I had tacos and chicken strips in Ryan hall to look forward was the silver lining around that situation! Everyone at Fontbonne loves it when there are tacos AND chicken strips for dinner! There is always something to look forward to, you just have to find it! 😀


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