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There are many of us here at Fontbonne that have the responsibility of full time school, plus a job on top of that. Finding a good one, or at the very least one you don’t loath, can be tricky. As someone that has had three different part time jobs since going back to school, I can tell you that while it may seem impossible there are some very useful tools to help make everything from resume writing to job searching a lot easier.

One of the most useful tools (or people rather) I have found right here at Fontbonne is our career councilor, Christine Keller — she is a fountain of information! She helped me polish my resume to fit more of what I was looking for, offered some great resources for writing a cover letter, and gave me some suggestions on where to look for a job. All I had to do was make an appointment with her, bring the resume I had, and tell her what type of job I’m looking for. As someone going into Art Therapy I’m really looking to work as an admin assistant in a doctors or psychologists office. Getting into these positions is the challenge so anything that makes it easier, or makes me stand out more is beyond helpful.

There are several places you can go to look for a job as well. Fontbonne has a job page here:

I have also found, Craigslist (yes Craigslist), the local hospitals, and even the Yellow Pages to be great tools to find prospective employment. There will be rejection letters, those should be taken in stride, because the job that is the right fit for you will come your way at the right time. Just keep up the determination until you find what you’re looking for! Or until it finds you 😉



As a first semester Freshman, I was so excited to get to have an opportunity for an internship. Yes, it was unpaid, but I figured it would really add to my resume. And I needed more things besides Taco Bell and Racanelli’s Pizzia. I needed something that actually applied to my degree, and this company wanted me to do some flyers and redesign their menu. That’s a big job, considering I am just an intern, one with little to no experience at that. So I emailed the company. No response. They took about 4 weeks to eventually get back to me. At that point, I had basically forgotten about the whole thing. But I was happy to hear from them. And we set up a meeting. It went very well, I said I’d love to join their team, and they seemed happy to have me. I told them I’d talk to my job and see when I could next be available, and I’d email them my schedule. And I did. That was about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard back. I got my excitement up too early, seeing that they wouldn’t even respond after meeting and bringing me on to join them. But, who knows. Maybe I’ll hear from them in a few weeks. To say the least, internships and the corporate world are tough. And maybe I’m still too young to be out there. I am only 18, and I have plenty of time to enjoy myself. All I did in high school was work, maybe I should look back and try not to do that to myself again in college. Free time or job experience? It’s a toss up.


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