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Now that I have been at Fontbonne for almost one full semester, there are a few things that I wish I had known sooner! Here are some insider tips and tricks for those of you who are planning on coming to Fontbonne:

1. Getting involved is the best way to meet people. So many of my new friends here have come from joining different clubs and activities such as: tennis, Fontbonne Activities Board, Future Teacher’s Association, and Residence Hall Association.

2. The weather here in St. Louis is crazy- it could be a blizzard one day and then 60 degrees the following day. You may need to transition between shorts and sandals to pants and a jacket in a matter of a few hours; bring to school what you will need in all weather conditions.

3. It is possible to survive on campus without a car. I only have my bike here and I can use it to go to the park, University City, coffee shops, and it also gives me a chance to get outside and get exercise after staying in class all day.

4. Take advantage of the free activities. Many of the organizations host free events throughout the year that are open to students. So far this year I have gone to a haunted house, gone paddle boating, had a tour around St. Louis and had cupcakes afterwards, and have seen many different performers and comedy acts. There are always events going on no matter what your interests may be.

5. Keep your door open. If you decide to live on campus, you will inevitably interact with your floor-mates often, so why not becomes friends with them! By having your dorm room door open, you will get to know people on your floor and also create a welcoming environment. This is how I met some of the best of people on my floor!

6. Get to know the international students. As the semester comes to an end, many Fontbonne students will return back to their home countries. Right now, there are people here from a variety of places such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Japan, and I have learned so much from them. It is a wonderful thing when you get to know someone from a different country or background than your own!


I am very crafty and creative; I enjoy DIY projects and trying new things regularly. The most recent project I did was a mosaic on my room! Since I live in Cotta Hall, I am not allowed to paint or permanently change the aspect of my room, therefore I had to be really creative when I realized I wanted to do a mosaic.

The first thing you have to sort out is materials; mosaic tiles require a lot of work, they are pricey and more importantly they are permanent. The substitute I came up with is cardstock and paper, which is easy to work with and you can stick it to the wall with masking tape. Easy to apply and easy to remove!

The next step was choosing a design; some people require a plan before attempting this but I like to go with the flow! Thus I just gathered my materials and started with a single dot on the center of my wall and then added the next dots around it, and so on.

My biggest advice when doing DIY’s is to have an open mind! You never actually know how something is going to turn out if you have never tried it before, and DIY is about enjoying the experience and having fun!

I have attached a picture of the mosaic so you can see how it looks, it is about 40×40 inches. I spent about $15 in paper, masking tape and a hole punch!

Happy DIYing!



Turns out you won’t have to wait until next semester to hear some of my stories! I’m excited to say that I’ll be blogging over the summer.

This past week has been a bit exhausting. Moving all my stuff out of my dorm room is a major task. You’d be surprised how much you can fit in a dorm. My mom filled up her vehicle (Ford Edge) twice. And my car was filled once. The worst part of packing up was taking all the décor and posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber off my walls (which is quite a lot). It was extremely strange and boring to stare white, empty walls, even though it was only for a day. Because my room was so empty, it echoed every time the door opened and closed. It would have been more emotional leaving my room if I wasn’t going to live in the exact same place next year. I have a major attachment to my room, Medaille 312. I already have plans on how I want to rearrange the furniture in there next school year.

After I got all my stuff home, I of course had to then unpack it. Over the course of the last few days after work I have done so. I finally have all my clothes, accessories, and supplies back in its place. Most of the furniture is just stored in my basement for the summer. Also, I sold most of my books, so it feels good to have those off my hands. Soon I’ll begin packing for the FAB retreat that takes place next week. Then as soon as I get back from that I’ll pack for the five and a half weeks that will be spent in London (which is going to be a MAJOR challenge). Are you sensing a pattern here? All this packing and unpacking should make me a wise traveler. However, this is not the case. I have a tendency to pack a lot of things. And when I say “a lot,” I really mean a lot. Well, practice makes perfect, right?!


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