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Residence Hall

Hello, my name is DeMarcus Davis, and for the summer I hope to write about my experience as a summer Residence Assistant, my role as a Griffin 101 Peer Supervisor, and my adventures during summer ’16 of my senior year. While the summer here in St. Louis is just getting started, I’ve already done so much. So far, Griffin 101 has been my main priority and is a major success that I cannot wait for the new incoming students to arrive. The team of eight that I work with are amazing and very different from each other, which makes our chemistry awesome. There is never a dull moment when we’re all in the same room. Currently, Griffin 101 is on a three week hiatus and I am starting to having some withdrawals but we recently had a get-together at Chevy’s to catch up with each other. Our next Griffin 101 will be on June 29th and June 30th.

Secondly, being a summer RA is amazing. I’ve been on duty twice so far and it has been a good time. I have spent a lot of time with the apartment coordinator, Brooke, to know the scoop of her experience with Residence Life. At the end of the spring semester, I made the decision that I wanted to work in the department later in life and wanted to know what were the highs and lows of the job. So far, the two of us have had a blast checking new residents into their rooms, traveling all over St. Louis, and making sure that everyone is safe and sound. When the fall semester begins, I am going to miss all of our adventures that we encountered and just having fun at Fontbonne.

Lastly, my summer adventures have only just begun. So far, I attended a movie festival at my friend Lauren’s house (fellow blogger), went to SLAM Underground at the Art Museum, created memories at Ballpark Village, and hosted numerous movie nights in my apartment in Southwest. There is never a dull moment in Room 316. There are still more adventures to come and I cannot wait to share them with you!


One of my favorite things about moving into a dorm at the beginning of the school year is the fact that I get a new space to decorate! It’s something I can make my own! I love to take a bland and boring dorm room with white walls and white floors and turn it into my own personal home away from home.

Most of my ideas come from Pinterest which is such a great website to get inspiration from. (If I could be a professional pinner I would!) One thing that I learned from Pinterest and chose to incorporate into my dorm room this year was a dream catcher. I simply love the idea of it and thought what would be better than making one of my own? All I used was an embroidery hoop, a lace doily, feathers, beads and some string. (All materials can be found at Michaels Craft Stores.) The dream catcher was so easy to make and adds a pop of color against the white walls of my dorm!


Some dorm decorating ideas however, just pop in my head! For example, before I moved into my dorm freshman year, I created a collage of pictures on a poster board that I could hang in my room. I printed pictures of my friends and family and some of my favorite quotes and glued them on a poster board. I hot glued ribbon on the back of the board so I could hang it on a command hook attached to the wall. It fills up a good amount of space and you can carry it with you from year to year! 


I hope I have inspired you to make your dorm room as cozy and comfy as I have made mine!



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