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Fall Break

by Taylor on October 11, 2016

in College Life

Hi everyone!

As you all know, we are approaching our last day of fall break. I don’t know about you all, but it’s been an insanely busy semester, so I didn’t realize it was even fall break until pretty much the day it started. Needless to say, I did not make any real plans, but I think that’s okay. Usually, every minute of my day is pretty mapped out, and I like to stay as busy as possible. But lately I’ve been feeling burnt out, and definitely have a mild case of senioritis. I think the main reason is because I like to go 100 mph, especially during the school year when I have work, school, and family obligations to keep my mind and day occupied. I don’t “chill” that often, so I decided to use most of this break for what it is: a break. So not only did I not make any plans, but I have just let each day come as it will, and have to say I am feeling a little recharged, and ready to tackle the week ahead! Sometimes having nothing to do is really a good thing.


Hope you all had a very fun, and very restful fall break too!



Hey there Fontys! Happy New Year! Well, I’m gonna get straight to the point, the life of an undergrad can get pretty stressful. I mean, with all the things we have to deal with on a regular basis, a little self care can quickly fall by the wayside. I can admit that even before I started my undergrad career at Fontbonne, my level of me time wasn’t where it should’ve been. To be perfectly honest, my me time is desperately suffering as I’m writing this! Not to worry though, darlings, I gotcha covered. Here are five things that I think will help you regain your me time.

1. Take an early shower

Now this may seem like a very small detail, but taking an early bath/shower could give you some of that time back that you’re craving. My suggestion: After you picked your favorite pair of pajamas, tie up your hair, take off all your makeup (that’s for my female audience), make a huge cup of hot chocolate, and let the relaxing commence!

2.  Read your favorite book

Once again, this is a very simple tip, but it will help you relax when you need to. My suggestion: start a list of books that you wanna finish in the next six months. Not only will this help you devote some time to yourself, but it will give you a fun task to finish.

3.  Invite some friends over for game night

This idea is one that I dig out of my bag of tricks often. Make your favorite foods, pull out your favorite games and movies, add sweets to the occasion, and you’re in heaven. Trust me….

4. Go shopping

Retail therapy is ALWAYS a good idea. Enough said.

5. Go see a movie

A good film never goes out of style.


Black History Fact of the Week: Langston Hughes

The legendary poet’s 113th birthday was this past Sunday, prompting many to look back at the brilliance of his career. Hughes was born February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri, but he was primarily raised by his grandmother in Lawrence, Kan. Hughes’ lineage includes slaveholder as both paternal great-grandfathers were slave owners. His maternal grandmother was of mixed race, and one of the first women to attend Oberlin College. Hughes’ mother was born to a mixed race abolitionist father.


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