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The Fall

by Alumni Posts on March 17, 2013

in Academics,After College

I guess you could say that I hit the ground running as soon as I began as a freshman at Fontbonne over two and a half years ago. My first semester, I took 18 credit hours, with classes such as general biology, general chemistry, and intro to statistics. Since then, I’ve never taken less than 18 hours per semester, and there have been times when I’ve been enrolled in upwards of six science classes per semester. Call me crazy, but I’ve always looked forward to a challenge.

This afternoon, I made out my fall 2013 schedule. Let me tell you- I was shocked by how different this semester will be for me. Gone will be the days of sleepless nights due to chemistry, molecular biology, and the like. Instead, I’ll be finishing up some gen eds and theatre classes for my theatre minor. Instead of multiple bio classes, I’ll only have one “official” class, immunology. (However, I’m definitely hoping for some department research and independent study courses!) I should have a lot more time since I should only have classes two days per week, so I’m hoping to get an outside internship in a research lab and possibly work more hours at the Science Center.

All in all, this coming school year will definitely be a new experience for me. I hope I’ll be able to use my extra time to better my lab skills, to better my abilities to interpret primary research articles, and to prepare myself for graduate school and life beyond Fontbonne.


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Time to Register

by Alumni Posts on November 3, 2012

in Academics

I can’t believe that next week is advising week.  Much like the holiday season, it seems like advising week comes earlier and earlier each year. 

This year, believe it or not, I wasn’t even aware that the spring course catalog had been released.  Usually, I’m looking out for it weeks before its release date.  However, this time, I didn’t even know it was available online until my friend, Steph, told me.  I guess I’ve been too busy with this semester to begin thinking about next semester!

As of right now, I think I have a good class schedule outlined.  I plan on taking biochem (therefore finishing up my chemistry minor), physics 2, evolution, biotech 2 and 3, department research, and an independent study course in neuroanatomy.  But, of course, I need to obtain the proper signatures first, so all of that may change. 

Overall, I’m looking forward to next semester.  I’m excited to potentially have more independent time in the biology labs because I really want to pursue a career in medical research.  But first, I think I’d better put my efforts into the rest of this semester, which will be over before we know it.  So that being said, I guess it’s back to the books for me!


With Spring’s arrival and the number of weeks of college left getting smaller and smaller, I have began to reflect on how my first year at Fontbonne University has been so far, and what advice I might have to others (all you readers out there!). While at Fontbonne, I would definitely urge everyone to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer. Just yesterday I took in the various sites at Forest Park, enjoyed an afternoon snack in Central West End, and finished the afternoon at the zoo. Seizing opportunities such as this is something I would recommend to anyone. On campus, engage yourself in activities and join clubs. There is always something going on sponsored by the Fontbonne Activities Board, and meeting for clubs are held at least once a month. I try to be as involved as my class schedule allows, and have never had a bad time at any campus event. Surround yourself with good people in good places and you won’t regret your years at Fontbonne.

It has come for the time to register for Fall 2012 classes. Yikes. It’s amazing to witness how fast the time flies, and registering for classes months in advance does not make that any better. On the bright side, I am really excited about the classes I plan on taking next year. I would advise future students not to put off any class, and also to incorporate as many classes related to your major as possible. Taking Fashion Merchandising courses this year has surely kept me entertained and engaged!

I feel as though this semester has flown by! Easter break begins here Thursday, and I will be going home tomorrow. I cannot wait to spend more days at home with my family. However, this break, I will not succumb to laziness and will get some work done!


Alumni Posts

Here We Go Again…

by Alumni Posts on April 6, 2012

in Academics

This morning, after waking up at 6:30 instead of at 5:30 like usual due to our Holy Thursday day off school, I looked at my planner.  I flipped the page to next week, and I saw it: “Advising Week.  Make sure you schedule an appointment with your advisor!”

I’ve never actually met with my advisor during advising week.  That sounds really bad, but it’s true.  You see, I have this problem where I get mixed up with dates.  Because I’m always looking ahead, I sometimes think that things are supposed to be done earlier than they actually are.  So, for me, “Monday the 9th” eventually becomes “Monday” in my head.  Then I just begin thinking, “Oh, this is due on Monday.  I’d better get it done!”  And whatever needed to be done by “Monday the 9th” is done three weeks in advance.  I guess it’s a good thing that I get things done early, but then again, that explains why my advsior always laughs when I come to her office three weeks before advising week asking for her personal John Hancock.

But this Monday, I will be meeting with my advisor, Dr. Paine-Saunders, at 11.  We already sort of talked about my schedule, but there’s just one independent study course that we’re still trying to figure out.  In the fall, I’m hoping to take physics, advanced statistics, developmental biology, plant biology, biology seminar, biotechnology I, and some sort of research.  We’ll see how that goes…

After advising week comes registration.  That word makes me cringe.  If you’ve ever read any of my past blogs, you’ll know that registration and I don’t get along.  Usually, something goes wrong.  My computer decides to freeze up on me, or I forgot to get a special signature on one of the documents before attempting to register, or my friend’s computer freezes, or my friend’s internet-enabled phone freezes, or I forget my login password…In short, registration and I don’t tend to mix.  But hey, this will be my fifth time registering, so I should know what I’m doing by now, right?!


Fourth Time’s A Charm???

by Alumni Posts November 17, 2011

For those of you who’ve followed my blogs since my first weeks at Fontbonne, you’ll remember that registration and I aren’t very good friends. For some reason, I’ve always encountered problems with my registration.  In the past, some of the classes that I had signed up for were cancelled. (But don’t worry – I was […]

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Mise en place

by Alumni Posts April 14, 2011

Mise en place has been ingrained in my brain this semester…along with syneresis, flocculated, chalazae, and an abundance of other culinary terms. (Shout out to my dietetic classmates and Dr. Cheryl Houston!!!) With all that said, Mise en place is a great representation of how I feel going into Fall 2011 semester.  For those of […]

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Oh, registration week…

by Alumni Posts April 14, 2011

So I am actually really excited about registration this week, because I just switched my major a week ago.  I am ready to jump on board with my new major and begin all of the exciting classes I get to take.  I am now a psychology major and there are so many interesting classes to […]

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by Alumni Posts November 16, 2010

My registration time was 10:30 in the morning this past Thursday. Since my laptop doesn’t always agree with the internet, I went to Medaille and logged onto a desktop there. I literally had 2 computers going at once. My new friend Darryn, a sophomore, met me just 10 minutes before our registration time and got […]

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by Alumni Posts November 1, 2010

The Spring 2011 schedule came out this week. I always get very excited to register for classes. It is sad but also relieving that this will be the last time I get to plan a semester of classes, being a senior. One class that I’m really not excited to take is Philosophy. I’ve tried to […]

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